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The Wait

This week has been excruciatingly long. Mike and I have been living in two different states for 75 days. We got in two little visits. But buying and selling a house is so stressful that it just wasn’t the same as being together day in and day out.

Yesterday was the big day. Mike did his final walk through of our house in AL and signed all the papers. We are now the proud and nervous owners of two houses. Hopefully not for more than a few days. The previous owners of our new house scheduled a professional cleaning of our house and carpets. And were planning to be out by noon today.

Mike called and let me know all went well. Closing cost were less than they had expected and Glenna, our sweet realtor, gave us an iron cross to hang over our new fire place for a house warming gift. He didn’t have much to do for the rest of the day. He was all packed and ready to move out of his apartment. We had one last excruciating day of waiting for him to be able to move his stuff into the house and drive down to help us move up.

One thing that’s been nice about the separation is that we have free minutes to talk to each other on the cell phone. We’ve done hours and hours of that. Around 6 pm I started wondering what he was up to and called and asked where he was and what he was doing. His first answer was that he was in AL. I said “Well, I know that.” Then he said he had been out shopping, named off some stores that he had been to, and said he had a surprise for me. We chatted some more. I kept thinking that it was awful quite on his end and I asked are you still shopping or are you home now. He said he was home. I kept thinking why don’t I hear your TV. I was looking at stuff on line and wanted to send him some links via e-mail to look at. He didn’t act real interested in looking. I thought that was odd.

We hung up because I had to get ready to take the kids to One Thing, an international house of prayer. The kids and I were out late. One Thing ended at 11 pm then we went to Walmart to pick up a couple of things and to McDonalds for a snack. Got home and made some tea to unwind and sat down. A few minutes later I heard James calling out, “Dad’s home.” It didn’t compute. He walks in my room saying “Ho, Ho, Ho.” I thought, “Is he supposed to be home?” Then as I jumped up to hug and kiss him I realized what you now know.

Yay! The wait is over!



  1. Camezi

    Aw. Surprises are so nice.

  2. Elayne

    Very glad you guys are all together again. I will be praying for you this week while you move.

  3. Jennifer Coleman

    Thanks. We are pulling out a day early.

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