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Happy Valentines’ Day!

Here is the picture we tried to use to in the photo Valentines card give away Mom told us about.  We were too slow… By the time we ordered the Valentines, the give away had expired.   I need to work on having a stash of pictures ready for things like that when they come up.  They are too fun.  I tried using the purse photo below but it looked too dark with the frames they were offering.

We had an interesting week in school this week.  Our mesh mash curriculum, that we started at different times of the year, all came into alinement.  In World History, we just happened to study St. Valentine and how Valentine’s day got started.  In American History, we’ve been studying the Civil War for two weeks and just happen to have the Gettysburg Address assigned for dictation in our English curriculum .. and on Thursday,  which just happened to be the 200th Celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, we read about his assassination.   I really like what we’ve read of Abraham Lincoln and his speeches.  I think he did the best he could in the time that he lived in and I am really sorry that his life was cut short.  

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  1. Elayne

    Great photo…I need it. Can you upload it to shutterfly?

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