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Indian Creek Greenway

Last Thursday we went to check out the nearest hiking trail.
It’s in a neighborhood with a bright purple house.

It has a nice play ground and a dog park.

Right now the trail is about 2 miles long, but the city has plans to extend it to a road near our new house.
It will be 6 miles long in all when completed.

This parking area has a nice pavilion with picnic tables.
This would be an easy place to meet friends with little kids.

The trail is actually a long road that runs..

along Indian Creek.
We looked at a log cabin that was on Indian Creek when house hunting.
Don’t forget…

It’s nice living in the South again.

It has a disc golf course. We may have to buy some frisbees.

I had to sneak pictures of Joel and Judi.. Judi didn’t have her glam on.

We found a rope swing.

We thought the trail would have been more fun had it actually been a trail.

Next time we’ll have to bring bikes.

Cool spikey, fussy things growing on a vine.

Indian Creek

A little bit of sky.

The hill side.
Fall colors starting to show.

All my love,

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  1. Elayne

    thanks for taking us with you!

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