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Supper Club Follow Up

Judi and I had a great time in the kitchen. She was a wonderful help. She’s a way better cook than I.

The kids were VERY jealous that I was cooking for my small group and not for them. They’ve been asking me repeatedly if I am cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for them this year. Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday.
Food = Love
I don’t know what’s up with Thanksgiving this year. Hopefully we’ll be moving into our new house. I’ve thought about buying a brisket this year… maybe I could cook it in the crock pot? I don’t know if I could cook everything I normally cook in our little apartment kitchen without all my pans.. etc.
I thought about cooking a couple of things from our Thanksgiving menu each week from now ’till Thanksgiving… but I have a feeling that they’ll miss that stuffed feeling. Time for a family meeting.
Oh, back on subject… everything pretty much went wrong with my Supper Club food.
Cooking is still NOT my thing.
Good thing I planned on an extra batch of cookie bars for the kids… because I forgot the baking powder in the first batch.. The kids thought the oatmeal with all the other stuff in the cookies was too much texture. I agreed. I lost my focus on the last batch and forgot to push the quirky oven timer start button and by the time I noticed wasn’t sure how hot my oven was or how much longer the bars needed. They came out done on the outside but not on the inside.
I started the apple stuff around 7AM so that I could hang out with Mike mid-day. I miss the knives Mike got me for our anniversary. It took me forever (over 2 hrs.) to cut up all the apples and pears with the cheepy apartment knives.
I cooked the apple stuff on low (instead of on high) from 9:30 ’till around 2. It was looking pretty good at that point but we weren’t leaving for small group until 5:30 so I turned the pot to warm. By the time we ate it, it was more like bread pudding than apple crisp. It tasted good, but I wasn’t sure what to call it. Would have been better with walnuts.
The salad came out beautiful. It was pouring down rain, tornado sirens were going off and a there was a thunderstorm/flash flood warning when we left. The kids were great and helped carry the iced tea and everything to the car. I had a list; ice, napkins, salt, salad dressing, tea, water, cookies, crock pot.
We drove 20 minutes through the storm to the small group to set up and started unpacking everything. I got to the salad dressing and realized that we forgot the salad. I was MAD at this point. It was too far to drive back so Mike took me back out in the rain to the nearest grocery store and we bought a bowl plus $30 dollars worth of pre-washed/cut salad kits and threw together another salad.
I was thankful, mad, frustrated and had to work really hard to get over myself and enjoy the group. Mike was very sweet and supportive.
I have enough salad in the fridge for 30 people. Should make it easy for me to eat healthy this week. Glad I wasn’t in charge of the chicken alfrado (which turned out wonderful).. wouldn’t have been able to run to the store for that.
Still practicing.. nowhere near perfect,

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  1. Elayne

    I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. I'm glad I'm not the only one in the family that struggles with cooking.

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