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Road Trip Day 2 Precious Moments

Our second day was much less eventful.  Yay!  Alabama and Mississippi were much prettier.  We had to drive a bunch of 2 lane highways.. but several of them had passing lanes every 10 miles or so.  It was nice when we got closer to Wichita and had a 4 lane divided highway again.
We got up early and decided to stop at the Precious Moments’ Chapel.  Last time we went was when Judi was still in diapers.. and I thought that it would be a nice girly stop.  It’s free to see.. huge gift shop and museum.  Mr. Butcher is now 71 years old and still paints in the  chapel occasionally.  It’s worth the stop if you ever drive by Joplin.
Supper sized!
Thai dolls in the museum.
Loved this painting.
I remember this poster!
Rock Garden
This butterfly flew over and stood still for a picture.. 
if only I could hold the camera still.  
In the Chapel.. “Heaven’s Gates”
Mr. Butcher has included true stories of people 
who have gone home to heaven in his recently completed painting.
Part of the ceiling.
The East wall has new testament scenes.  The West wall OT.
One of my favorites.
Can you guess this one? 
Love stained glass.
This castle built for the Butcher grandchildren made the biggest impression 
on me our first visit when the kids were all under the age of 7.
There were many new things to see.. can you see the angel sitting by the empty tomb?


  1. Elayne

    That place is full of the joy of the Lord…I remember how strong His prescence is there.

  2. Wendy

    That looks cool. I really liked the Heaven drawing.

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