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Summer Sewing

I’ve been sewing.. and even Judi decided that she wanted to learn to sew!!  
Just a day or two after I had resigned myself to the fact
that she’s not like me.. she has different interest and
I should just accept her for her beautiful self, she saw this
fabric and decided that she wanted to learn to sew.
We made this shirt together.  Isn’t it cute?
I read about a couple of new games while reading some blogs 
and decided that I had to make them to play with 
all my nephews and my only niece (so far) at our family reunion.
The ones on the blog were made on poster board.. I decided to quilt them – 
I made one game quilt for each family.  Can’t wait to teach them the games.
This side of the quilt is for checkers – 
I found the cute bug/nature fabric at Hancock’s – all the other fabric I had in my closet.
I love the little bag for the felt checkers.  It snaps onto the quilt on the other side.
Did you know to make three sets you need 72 checkers??
I think if I had known before I started I might have thought twice –
but I am a sucker for games.  I got a lot done while watching TV.
I embroidered a little crown on one side.
The cups are for a super Tic-tac-toe game on the other side.
You can look up “Gobblet Gobblers” on youtube if you’d like to learn how to play.
I also re-invented another game that I am calling 
“Don’t Spoil Your Dinner” to play with M&M’s on this side.
With my corn allergies – I’ll probably be playing with raisins.
I made these cami/dickey things yesterday.  I wish I’d known about them
years ago when shopping for modest clothing became so difficult.
They were so fast and easy to make and to top it all off
I had all the fabric and snaps sitting in my closet, so they were FREE! 
I have a confession to make.  I sew while standing up.  
Notice that my sewing machine is sitting on my island?
Every house is different.  I discovered while making the quilts that 
if I sew while standing, it’s a lot easier to get to my cutting mat and ironing boards.
I don’t have to slide out a chair and stand up – I just walk over or around. So nice.
To make the cami/dickey things all I did was cut them out so the top corners
will rap around my bra straps, hem the top edge and sew on snaps.
I didn’t bother to hem the other edges – they won’t show or fray.
And look how modest I can be now!  In just a snap.  đź™‚
One last project to share. 
(If your name is Suzanne, you have to wait a week before reading below.  
I am guessing that you’re way to busy preparing for your wedding 
to be reading blogs right now.  So stop reading and get back to work.)
I am not good at giving or receiving gifts.  Since God is strong in our weaknesses 
I’ve learned to pray and ask Him to help me think of and find 
the perfect gift when the occasion arises.
A few weeks ago I needed a baby shower present for my friend who recently adopted 
a precious baby girl, Emma.  I had already made and given her a crocheted blanket – 
turned out to perfectly match the colors of her room – I’d never seen but God knew.
She was so cute – offered to re-wrap it and bring it to the shower for me.  
But I had already prayed and God had worked.  He put it in my heart 
to give her a parenting book I have called 
“Raising your Child for Christ” by Andrew Murray.  It’s an awesome book!
My favorite parenting book.  I only had a couple of days and didn’t think I’d be able to 
find her a copy, so my response to God was – “She can’t have my copy!”  
Since then I discovered that it’s still in print and available on Amazon.. 
so I might be more willing to share my copy with someone else.  
God  took me up on the challenge.  
Mike and I were on an Anniversary trip in Chattanooga, TN at the time.  
We had some time to waste after eating lunch and discovered that there was a 
(you’ll never guess) a used book store next door.  We decided to go in.  
I found a copy of the book on a shelf lying there all by its self – the only book on 
that particular shelf – it was like God said, “I win.  I am able to provide.”
So months ago, before I actually knew Mark and Suzanne were requesting that
no one bring gifts – they are both widowers and have to merge a LOT of stuff into one house,
– I prayed and had this idea.. 
again I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find anything like it – but God provided.
I found the plate and goblet at a local antique store.  
I was so happy to find a matching set in the last booth of the store.
I discovered that you can actually buy “communion chalice” sets on line.  
They don’t have a cool bread cover like the one I made,  
but I am thinking about buying a set for myself like this one for my birthday.
I made the cover with my surger, some hand embroidery and a crochet edging.
  Drawing the design was the hardest part.  I hope it’s not too fussy.  
I was very happy with how the crochet edge turned out.
It took a lot of experimenting to find an edge I liked. 
Having communion at home with family and friends is one of my favorite things to do.
I hope these will help inspire her to try it.
Want one?



  1. Wendy

    Very cool! I think Judi's shirt is my favorite of your projects. The kids love playing games together, so they'll be happy with that.

  2. Elayne

    Love all your projects. Cute shirt, Judi, on a lovely young lady.

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