I’ve been getting a lot of questions.. so here is how my days have been shaping up..

I slept in my own bed almost 4 hrs. last night.. big accomplishment.  It’s super soft and I use a bunch of pillows to keep me still.. I wake up stiff and sore in different places. 

Got up, bathroom, moved to the recliner, slept 4 more hours.  The recliner is more comfortable.. but gets old.. I spend most of my day there.

Wake up, bathroom, water, bowl of rice and enjoy sitting on my back porch on my new patio furniture with the ceiling fans on, my promise Bible, and many geese and birds to entertain.

Mike comes out and spends a few minutes with me before going off to work.  I kiss him good bye and walk around the house a bit before moving back to my recliner and resting up for breakfast then a shower.  Maybe in week I’ll have enough energy to cook my own food.

Shower takes all my energy.. time to rest again.  Been riding 15 min. to acupuncture appointment then home again to spend the day in the recliner watching “I Love Lucy” and my favorite old movies.

Blogging yesterday was challenging.  Today, the computer is much easier.

Rested all of yesterday afternoon so I could go out with Mike to Chick-fil-a for dinner.  God reserved a parking space right by the front door for us.  I went straight in to sit at a booth, while Mike ordered and brought the food to the table.  It was just challenging enough. 

Today, I am hoping to go out with my mom to a small local store and get some organic vegetables.  Definitely not ready for anything as big as Walmart.  Ha.

I am not allowed to lift anything over 5 lbs. until August.  I am not allowed to unload the dish washer.. So nice to have my mom here.. wish my kids were faster than her at doing their chores..

The doctor said, be patient and give your body time to heal.  🙂

So glad I have a lap top and things to hand sew (although, I am not up to that yet).  And as always, seeing Mike at the end of my day is the highlight.

I am so blessed!