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Two Amazing God Things in One Week (part 1)

I love when I have great God stories to share.  
I have two this week.  Yay, God!
The first is
 Joel got a job!
All four kids have jobs now!
With a 30% unemployment rate for young people their age
and our lack of connections in our new town it is a real miracle.  
God is so good!
Joel just recently started applying for jobs,
because I was just recently well enough to drive.
He’s applied at 6 places so far.
Josh applied at many more places this summer before
landing a job at Pizza Inn a few weeks ago.
He is very happy with his job by the way.
He’s been making good tips delivering pizzas.
And even found the right house to deliver one pizza 
that had the wrong address and phone number.
One day last week, a local pizza place called and asked for Josh.
I handed him the phone then thought too late, 
“Oh, they are probably calling to offer Josh a job.”
As Josh was on the phone saying, 
“I’ve accepted a job at Pizza Inn.”
I thought, “Oh, no!  I should have told them about Joel.
If there’s a next time, that’s what I’ll do.”
On Sunday, during lunch, we had a family discussion over
if or not Joel should apply there.. it’s 20 min. from our house
and we weren’t sure if the commute would be worth it.
On Monday, the same pizza place called again. ??
Has to be a God thing.  Right?
This time I was wiser and asked if they were calling
Josh about a job.  When they said yes, I told them about how
Josh had a job now, but that I had another, younger
son who just graduated from high school who was looking for a job.
We talked for 20 minutes about homeschooling 
(he and his wife homeschooled a few years), where Joel 
was going to go to college etc. before he was ready to talk to Joel??
Joel went in the next day for an interview and was offered the job.
His boss told him to tell me that he liked my resourcefulness.  đź™‚
Yay, God!
Joel had prayed that he would find a job fast, so he 
could focus on school and not be as distracted by looking for a job.
God was so kind to answer his prayer.
Joel is getting some driving practice in now.  
Driving me crazy.
He started improving a little yesterday.  
He’s learning how to get to work and school and back on unfamiliar roads.
It’s a lot to learn; speed limits, which lane where, and when and which way to turn.
Once I am comfortable that he’s comfortable, he’ll get his license. 
We are waiting to see if Judi is able to stay
on staff as a lifeguard during the fall before we
decide if or not we need another car.
I am not sure the three of us can share my van
if Judi has a job.  We’ll see.  We have 5 cars in the 
drive way now.  It would be nice if we could have James’
one car towed before we got a 6th car.

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  1. Wendy

    Maybe you need to kick some kids out before you get any more cars. Just kidding. I think it's good to live at home while in college.

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