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Why and How to Pray for Missionaries

I have this pamphlet.  I don’t remember where I got it, but I love it.. 
I love it because it’s prayer points are so insightful. 
There is so much in it that we can not only pray for missionaries,
but for our leaders, pastors, friends, family, and ourselves.
I was so happy when I found it on line to share with you.
The link above includes a pdf file you can download.
Go check it out.
Here are a few highlights and my thoughts:
We cannot work independently 
We need God.  We need each other.
There is much to discourage and frustrate the missionary.  
• Language Disparity
• Customs and Culture
• Unfamiliar Food 
• Climate
• Lack of Results
I’ve experienced all these just moving state to state.  Embracing all these 
differences was so much easier in Thailand than in some of the places 
I’ve lived in the US.  I think partly because I expected them there and partly 
because it’s so easy to remember that you have a “mission” while in a foreign country.
It is not long before we are again forced to face up to the fact of 
our own sinful flesh. We then recognize afresh how human we are! 
It’s rough to learn what we are really like. 
So true!
Pray that the missionary will experience fellowship with God in new and satisfying ways.  
Amen!  Loneliness is such a struggle for me.  “Moving” is such a bitter/sweet word.
Our mission is to be servants to all. 
Amen.  Amen.
Spiritually, there must be doctrinal stability through the study of the Bible and its
 application to our daily living. Mentally, we must learn how to combat 
Satan’s great tool of depression. Emotionally, we need to 
strike a happy balance between becoming too calloused or too sympathetic.  
Pray that the missionary will get his true identity and self-worth from 
who he is in Christ and not from success or 
what others think or say about him. 
Pray that the missionary will have a heightened sympathy and 
insight into the heart-needs of those around him. Pray, too, that he will have insight 
and heavenly wisdom to know what God would have him undertake, 
and how he would have him go about it. 
His gracious fruit must show in our lives, or our work will accomplish nothing. 
Unless we have daily communion with our Lord, the pressure will result in failure..
 We must keep spiritually fresh if we are to glorify him. 
Pray that God will keep the missionary in that condition of health 
that will best glorify him.
We need wisdom to train and teach our children in ways well-pleasing to God 
and in full accordance with his Word. Pray that both parents will be godly role models 
and will do all they can to help their children develop godly self-worth. 
Pray that parents may have wisdom in providing for their education.
Let’s remember to pray.

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  1. Elayne

    I saw that tract when Dad and I were moving his stuff to his new "library". A good reminder for everyone to pray for Judi and her friends before during and after her trip Novemeber 15 to Guatamala! I'm sure her mama would appreciate it.
    Roy Espinosa has been very interested in her trip. He met her when she was here and I'm sure he is going to be praying for them. He was there for several years and worked with children and teens.

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