Through Every Season

Christmas (Eve) Morning

I actually should start with the night before.. 
Mike took me rug shopping.. yay!
 We’ve been having problems with the puppy making 
messes on the rug in our hearth room.. especially 
when mom isn’t home to let her out a billion times a day.
My wet vac might as well have a permanent home there.
A friend helped me find these rugs on Thursday.
I was thinking about buying some cheep, ugly carpet tiles and 
she talked me into these machine washable runners.
Not beautiful but functional and way better than the carpet tiles.
Mike thought they were OK so here they are.  đź™‚
 Christmas Eve morning I made myself some 
gluten free ginger bread cookies..they taste pretty good.. 
a little weird.. but I’ve gotten used to them.
I think I missed them up by trying to grind my own 
cloves instead of making one more trip to the store.
 Here we are getting ready for presents.
We are all dressed because we were going
out for lunch right after.
Judi tried on the head band Wendy made her.
 James thinks posing for photos is torture.
 George is wondering what’s going on..
 I passed out the Christmas cards we got for 
everyone to see.. and had to explain
the boys who their 2nd cousin was.
 Mike read us the Christmas story from 
the second chapter of Luke.
 The most interesting gift was the assortment
of hot sauce Joel got to share with everyone.
Joel didn’t need any socks.
Joel and Josh are making plans for how to use it all.
Lunch at Casa Blanco 
Josh’s ipod camera..


  1. Our Journey to China

    I LOVE your tree! And I miss Casa!!! Love you!

  2. Elayne

    Almost as good as really being with you! Thanks.

  3. Camezi

    The boys look so big.

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