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Seeing Jesus through Joel’s Eyes

One of the best things I ever asked my kids to do was to pick one verse from our daily Bible devotions, copy it, then illustrate it. It takes a lot of thought (right and left brain) to accomplish. I highly recommend you try it yourself and see what Holy Spirit might teach you.

Since today is Joel’s 21st birthday, and I always knew he had a pastoral anointing. I am going to let him preach today through some of the verses he meditated on and illustrated.

A few from the Old Testament:


We spent a long time on the Tabernacle.
See the scribbles in the cloud?  They are Joel’s way of illustrating God’s power.
We’d been to visit a few caves.  Have you ever been in a cave with the light out?
Now that is dark… but even there God is with us.
  Like the way he used candy and ice cream as temptation.. the easy road.
Our hearts are happier with Jesus on the harder road.

A verse we memorized for Thanksgiving.
Doesn’t he have nice handwriting?

New Testament Readings:

Joel’s pushing a chair up to reach the vine.
His love and power is everywhere.
Joel is wiping my tears away.
  God’s face was a mystery to
Joel when he drew this one, but not now.

Revelations 22:12 “Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me.”

vs. 17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, “Come.” And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.

 God in the face of Jesus.. I love that He’s sopping wet.. makes Him so human.
I think the cricket was for the locus that John ate.  🙂
Have you been guilty of trying to live on bread alone???
It’s better to go 40 days without and live on the WORD of GOD.
Have you ever wondered how Jesus knows you?
You can learn so much by  illustrating your Bible readings.
Jesus’ anointing is powerful!
This one speaks volumes.
Jesus, stay with us and give us your living water.
Let’s follow the Holy One.
Slip away and pray..
Jesus rewards those who won’t be discouraged by the crowds.
He’s a friend to sinners.. even tax collectors.
The old just can’t compare.. Law vs. Spirit.
Jesus will rescue you any day of the week.. “bah.”
No words.

.. Tears of joy.. because I know our beloved, Joel,
is so blessed to live continually in His presence..
making his home in God’s big, big house..
having the best birthday yet.




  1. Wendy

    Oh, I so enjoyed this. I'm so glad you kept all those drawings. What a blessing! Joel has some great insights!!

  2. Lorraine McFarland, Realtor

    What a blessing that was to go through the drawings….through the eyes of a child and hear his thoughts through his expressions in art.

    What a great idea….and a wonderful remembrance of Joel on his 21st birthday! Happy Birthday Joel!!!

    Sweet Blessings to the Coleman Family!

  3. Elayne

    Happy every day in heaven!

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