The most thrilling day had to be the day
the bravest of us conquered the ropes course. 

First you suit up.

Make sure your helmet is on tight because you’re climbing way up there.
Check in with your “trusty” spotters.
Let go of the post..
if you can.

Run across the log (if you’re this brave one).

Climb up to the cable.

Walk across while you enjoy your view.

And whatever you do, don’t look down.

The second challenge even the little ones got to try..

with a little boost.
My mathematician entertained us by saying, 
“Eat more chicken.” when he rang the bell.
The last challenge was named the big gulp.
First you climb a huge ladder.

Then your family pulls you up.

While you hang 40 ft. above the ground.. 

and hold on for dear life.

When you’re ready..

you let go and..

soar (like Peter Pan).