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Tears of Joy and Sadness

It’s such a historic moment that I didn’t feel like I could leave it out of my blog.  I am hoping to turn my blog into our family scrapbook in a few weeks and would like to preserve the history for my grandchildren.
The pre-election campaign was closely watched for the first time this year by my kids.  They are growing up and it’s a lot of fun to hear their thoughts on things.  We read about and excitedly  talked over the issues for months. 
We took a crash course in Government at the beginning of this year and then in American History we have been studying the Enlightenment period, everything that led to the revolution, and up to the constitution.  On the day of election we just happened to be assigned to read the part in the constitution about the executive branch of the government.  Kinda cool right?  All of this study has helped us to see how important self government is and how far our country has gone off track from the intentions of our founding fathers.  I’d like to study more about the cycles of government in history and get a better idea of where we are headed.  In World History we recently learned how greed and thirst for violent entertainment led to the fall of Rome.
 We had two that we were privileged to take early Tuesday morning for their first time to vote in a presidential election.  Our oldest felt very strongly about the views of the Constitution Party and voted for their candidate, Chuck Baldwin, which I think is great.  Our second oldest voted pro-life and for cutting back on our national government, which I also think is great.  I am very proud of both of them for prayerfully thinking over the issues and choosing a candidate and making their voice heard.  
 Throughout the election campaign and the recent growing economic crisis I spent a lot of time praying for our country.  I wanted to see Roe vs. Wade over turned; I wanted to see John McCain stand up to the terrorist who hate us and take a hatchet to government spending; I wanted to see my Christian values upheld, marriage protected, and adopted children and a down syndrome child grow up in the White House.  But some how seeing the African American children moving into the White House moved me to tears of joy.  
I am moved to pray even harder for our government leaders.  Praying that they will seek wisdom from God, that they will personally experience revival and that the fact that an “African American/American Indian/etc.” was elected as president will help bring healing to our nation.  The American History course that we are taking and the fact that we have moved to Alabama has taken us to the heart of that wound.  I hope we can be a part of the healing.
I am also moved to pray harder for our nation; I pray especially for the youth of our nation.  So many lies have been legislated into law, into being taught at our schools and are effecting their thinking.  Evolution is being taught to millions of children, reducing them to animals and taking away their reason to live.  Young women are aborting their children thinking that if it’s legal it must be O.K. without comprehending the mental, emotional and spiritual consequences.  And now our children are being taught that it’s natural for people to have feelings for the same sex and perfectly healthy to act on those feelings, leaving them open to try out those feeling for themselves.  All these lies and many others our culture has adopted are destroying our nation and I am praying for a repentance and a revival to change the direction and redeem the youth of our nation. 


  1. Hi! I'm Grace

    Hi, I like your post. I just came here in USA 5 months ago, and I already consider myself as US citizen, thus, I prayed for the nation, too, especially the newly elected US president. He needs our prayers.

  2. Jennifer Coleman

    Thanks, it’s encouraging when we can put our faith together.

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