Through Every Season

Christmas Eve Picts..

Hanging at the hotel…
We discovered the Hyatt Place Hotel in Atlanta and have been staying in them whenever we can since.  They are really nice and very reasonably priced and have a deal where you can earn free nights.

Everyone has their devices.

Mine’s the camera.

We spotted a Guitar Center across the street from our Hotel.

Being in a musical family is fun.

Mike’s first love is the bass.

My programmer doesn’t play an instrument but he runs the sound and power point.

Mike played us a little tune.

I discovered that an amp. can be a good investment.. this one from the sixties still has a hefty price tag.

Our college student is thinking about buying an acoustic guitar.

I liked this one because it had hummingbirds on it.

Dinner at Max & Erma’s

Mike introduced us to one of his favorite restaurants.

It has an all you can eat sundae bar in a bath tub.  Need I say more?

Princess J was the master sundae maker.

She loves cherries.

Her sundae won the prize for the sweetest.

We talked about having a sundae party for her birthday.


  1. Camezi

    Allister bought an amp at Guitar Center last month. M is going to learn Power Point in Kid’s church.

  2. Elayne

    Love all the pictures and knowing about the little things you all do. Makes me feel a part of your life.

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