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December Garden

Warning… boring post below… sorry.
This is a “Christmas Cactus” that a sweet neighbor gave me last year.  It has these beautiful blooms each December.  It’s very easy to care for… what’s not to love.  
This is what happens to banana trees in the winter… they turn to an ugly brown mass.  You have to cut them down to the ground each year.  They have squishy stalks (up to 1.5′ in diameter) and smell like rotten bananas.  You have to winterize them by covering them with leaves and tarps.  In the spring they pop back up and gain their 6′ of height in just a couple of months.  Kinda amazing.  Right?  Banana trees aren’t really trees at all.  They are a herb… believe it or not.
This is one of our camellia bushes.  Our yard guy trimmed it up and made it look more like a crape myrtle tree.  It does look better than when it was an over grown bush.  I like it..  Here are the rest photos I was able to get..

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  1. Wendy

    That banana tree looks like a ghost.

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