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Smokey Mountains

We had a wonderful trip to TN in October!

We stopped at one of our new favorite restaurants called the Santa Fe Cattle Co. It’s half-way between here and there and made the perfect rest/gas stop for our trip.  They have really good TX – Mex food.. Nothing near as good at home.  

I wanted a photo with the truck out front because it reminded me of my Granddad.

A nice sparrow patiently posed in the truck window for me to remind me of how much God cares for us. 

The trip up was amazing.  The hills, the trees, and the weather were all wonderful.

The colors were ripe and beautiful.  Amazing!  I felt like I was seeing color for the first time.  I can’t imagine how wonderful the colors in heaven must be.

We drove up to where you hike up .5 miles to the highest point in the Smokies, Clingman’s Dome.  It’s the third highest point in the East.   The drive was beautiful.  Our ears popped.  I don’t know how Mike was able to keep his eyes on the road with so much beauty to stare at.  

I got some individual photos while we were there. 

We stopped at the bathrooms before we made the hike and something about them seemed familiar.  Mom told me we visited the park when I was 15.

The air was thin, the trail steep and I was more out of shape than the rest of the crew.  I had to stop and rest and take pictures a good hand full of times on the way up. 
A sweet elderly lady encouraged me that I could make it.  She was on her way back down.  I am not sure if I was more encouraged or embarrassed that I looked like I needed the encouragement.

Once you get to the top you have to climb higher up to the observation tower to see over the trees.  I think that if someone else had had the camera I would have waited till they came down to see the photos.

They got a little chilly up there waiting for me in the wind.

I handed the camera to a stranger who had her own really fancy camera and she took a photo for us.

We passed by this trail on our way down.  We were too wimpy to actually hike it.  I liked the sign.


Cool roads.

We did find another trail that wasn’t as steep.

The kids were done having their photos taken.

We walked along this stream most of the way.

My programmer took the camera from me so I would stop taking his picture.  
He took some interesting photos of fungi and ferns and things.

The stream even sounded beautiful.

These two explored both sides of the river.

Back across the river to sneak up and scare Mom.
Car stops along the way down.
Font size

Gatlinburg dressed up for October.

We spent a few nights in Gatlinburg at the bottom of the Smokey Mountains.  
It’s very touristy and I didn’t think I would like it but I really did.  It was fun.  
One morning Princess J and I woke up and the boys were all sleeping and instead of being bored and stuck in the hotel we were able to walk down the street and have breakfast together and do a bunch of shopping before they even knew we were gone.. Everything is in walking distance there.

It was very beautiful.  There were a lot of shops with all kinds of artistic kinds of stuff.

This is a hibiscus.  I  always get excited when I know the name of a flower.

There were several Ripley’s Musems.  The little “Herbie” opens his hood and moves.  It’s fun to watch the people jump in surprise.  

This is one of many mini wedding chapels in town.  They had all kinds.  

Too much sun for the photo I wanted.
Before we left the mountains Mike stopped at this park that had several pioneer cabins, a mill and other cool museum/buildings to see.

My programmers strategy to get me to stop making him pose for photos is not to smile.  
He is missing up my photos.  Any suggestions?
Why do you think this church has two doors.. one for the women one for the men?  My camera battery died after this photo.  Maybe a better strategy would be to hide my battery charger.
We had a wonderful time.  We are thinking about going back every year.  Want to come?


  1. Elayne

    You should have taken that trail. You wouldn’t be there yet!
    The Appalachian Trail is a continuous marked footpath that goes from Katahdin in Maine to Springer Mountain in Georgia, a distance of about 2160 miles.
    Beautiful photos and commentary. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Camezi

    Nice pictures. I don’t get out of W. Tx anymore.

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