Through Every Season

Wade Mountain Preserve

One thing I am loving about Huntsville is all the places to go hiking, canoeing, etc.

Josh met us at his secret place after school on Thursday.

Signs of Autumn

So many berries.

Don’t know the names.

But I think they are pretty.
The trail awaits.

What can we do? While we wait on Josh…

Skip rocks down the road.

Mine skipped 7 skips.

Don’t tell me I throw like a girl.

Whoo hoo! I hit the sign post.

I did it on purpose.

My love language? A walk through the woods… by a stream even better.

Must have water.
I was a little concerned when Josh chose the Devil’s Racetrack. But he promised that it was the easiest trail. Josh has been all over Wade Mountain.. even was lost for a couple hours there once.

Kids were great at walking slow for me.

Just a little further.

On top of Josh Hill.

Taking a breather.

Judi’s turn to snap a photo.

Ahh.. the view.

Getting ready for the hike back down.

Lovely flowers.

Purple’s my favorite color.

I tried to talk Josh into taking a back road short cut home.

The girls won the race for sure.. even though we raced to different homes.


  1. Elayne

    "My love language? A walk through the woods… by a stream even better." looks like you are your daddy's girl after all!

    On the national parks program this week, they mention frequently that being out in a beautiful place is a very spiritual experience and that you have to be aware when you are in places like this that there is a creator and it is healing for us spiritually. I know that is true for me. I never feel closer or more grateful to God than when I am seeing His beautiful creation.

  2. Jennifer Coleman

    I found this cool Christian place not far from us that takes youth groups, homeschoolers etc. on trips to spend time growing closer to the creator.. they also teach science, nature, history, first aid, bible lessons and all kinds of stuff.

    They have cabins.. we could go there for a family reunion sometime.

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