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My Birthday weekend in GA

For my birthday Mike took us to GA to see our friends from IL who just moved back there and to visit our church in Montgomery. We had a great time. The kids stayed at my friend, Ranae’s house. We’ve known their family since I was pregnant with Judi and she was pregnant with Victoria. The kids get along great.
Mike and I stayed at Sugardoodle’s Playhouse, a cabin in Pine Mountain, GA. It was very nice. All their cabins had red heart shaped jacuzzi tubs and were decorated with fun antiques.

Our A frame cabin was surprisingly large inside.

Our neighbors were a little creepy.

We had a picnic at FD Roosevelt State Park.

The kids decided that the amphitheater was a great place for a sword fight.

Then on the trail they found even bigger sticks to play with.

All together now.

The park map was not to scale. After hiking for what seemed hours according to the map we were still only half way around the 3 mile loop. We got a little lost and decided that it was time to consult the map.

Found this beautiful view of the lake.. then discovered we were only about a block from Ranae’s van.. just in the other direction. Yay! a place to sit.
For dinner that night Scott grilled out for all of us tired hikers. The food and fellowship were great!

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  1. Elayne

    I see on your weather bug that yall frequently have fog. I guess that's part of being 200 miles from the Smokey Mountains. Thanks for all the great photos. We enjoyed them!

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