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Thanks for taking a guess on my Christmas cards.. Mike didn’t pick Bob the Builder though.  I thought he fit right in with our family.  
Mike does like to be funny.. but I think he’s a little shy.. too… especially in large groups.
Our church was talking a few weeks back about Gary Smalley’s personality traits.
Mike’s a beaver.  The kids were easy to pick out.. Josh a lion.. James a golden retriever.. Joel a beaver.. Judi an otter..
I asked Mike who he thought I was… He said I was a lion.
Can you believe that?  I was up set at first.. because I thought I was a golden retriever..  then decided that it was OK to be a lion.
I definitely think I am a combination of lion/golden retriever though..
I wanted to think that I was only a lion when I had to be.. I think that is true when I don’t know people.. but with my family I am pretty sure that I am a lion when I am not getting my own way.  Ooops.
What do you think?  about me?  Yourself?
Gary Smalley’s site has a link to a free personality test.. I haven’t tried it yet.


  1. Camezi

    This is one of my favorite topics, but that link doesn't take me to a lion/beaver/otter/golden retriever test! It took me to a DISC test. On that one, I tested equal on S and C. I didn't agree with his descriptions completely for me, though. I have to much to say to put my whole response in this box! I don't think of you as a lion. Did you ask Mike WHY he chose that for you? He seems like the dominant one in your family to me.

  2. Jennifer Coleman

    Wish I could find a find a lion, otter, beaver, golden retriever quiz.

    Our pastor gave us a conversion chart.. D= Lion I = Otter C= Beaver S= Golden Retriever

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