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Re-worked Pages for Scrapbook

I was going to re-work all the pages for the scrapbooks but I didn’t like the way they were turning out, so this is what I did instead.  I left out the pages of friends etc.
I did re-do the last two pages.  I like them so much that I am thinking about printing out a set for me, too.
If you think of something more clever for me to write, let me know.
There’s one page that I wasn’t allowed to publish here.. Judi may not let me mail it either.  We’ll see.
An inch will be cropped off the bottoms.. that’s while they look a little weird.  Costco has 8×12″ prints for 1.49.  That was the best deal I could find.  I may have to renew my Costco membership after all.
Still need to redo our family photo.. Mike caught what I had.  🙁


  1. Wendy

    They look nice. I'm curious now about the one you are not permitted to post. hmmmm.

  2. Camezi


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