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Sowing Seeds in the Kid’s Bath

I was able to finish the photos in time to order and pick them up
on our weekly shopping trip after gymnastics.
I decided to put the parable on the photos and the explanations in brackets
on little cards like at a museum.
I thought that printing them that way would draw more attention to them than
if I put both on the photo and that it was actually easier to read that way.
It’s kinda a long story so I thought it was my best chance of getting it read.
I edited my first post about the parable and put in the words I used if you’d like to read it.
I’d like to put “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.” above it.  
But that will be a while later.  
Anyone have one of those vinyl letter making machines I can borrow?
I will be taking all the kids into the bathroom for a tour of the story
and make sure that we have a family devotion where we discuss
the things I learned from Joseph Prince.  đź™‚
I made the numbered birds Sunday.  What for??
When we were selling our house in FL, I bought the new
silvery sage towels and rainbow shower curtain to help stage the house.
For years I had a different color towel for each kid,
so that if there was a towel on the floor there was no question who left it,
although they’d like to argue that there was.
Since I replaced the old ratty towels, no one can remember which towel is theirs
and they almost always choose a new one from under the sink and,
of course, throw it on the floor when they are done.
It took me forever to try to think of a way to identify their towels.  I thought about sewing on colored ribbons.. but then they’d have to look through the towels to find the right one.
So I am trying the numbered birds.  The odd numbers are a little lower than
the even for the towels on the lower rack.
So far I think it’s working.  đź™‚
Here’s the rest of the bathroom.
I know their getting a little too old for Murdock the talking duck, but he’s so cute.
Thanks for looking at my hall bath parable.  More house photos to come.


  1. Elayne

    That looks awesome. I don't have a machine to make letters. Lots of peas do…we might be able to find one to help you if you don't find someone.

  2. Wendy

    You could hand paint the verse. I've done that. There are lots of websites that sell quotes and stuff where you can have custom ones done.

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