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BIlly Bob’s Gone to Pieces

Billy Bob’s fame spread quickly through the neighborhood yesterday.  
Passers by stopped and waved and even got out to take photos.  
As the hours pasted by and the temperature rose we prayed he’d make it till the evening hours and have the opportunity to greet Mike when he got home.
   We’d stratigically placed him in a shady spot, but 
around 4 PM he succumbed to the heat and this is all that’s left of him.  
And all poor Mike was greeted with was two broken solar lights.  
So sorry.


  1. Wendy

    Good thing you got pictures.

  2. Elayne

    So did Billy Bob break the lights?

  3. Jennifer Coleman

    The kids broke one rolling Billy Bob to his spot in the shade. And I think Billy Bob tumbled onto the other one.

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