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More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Me

I am not sure I get how to play the game.. but here are 10 things about me that you might not know.

1)  Everyone knows just about everything about me.. because I so rarely get to talk to people that when I do I tell them everything.  I think I am easy to read too.  If someone asked me something and cared to know what I thought they’d be able to read it in my face.

2)  The one thing I think only Mike knows about me is that I can’t sleep naked.. because when I do I have those dreams where you’re naked in public places.

3)  My family enjoys watching me cry during sad moves.. they don’t even pay attention to the movie they just look at me to see if I am crying.  Today we watched “My Sister’s Keeper.”  I almost ran to my room to sob into my pillow.  

4)  I admire my sisters.  Tell everyone I meet about them.  Wish they lived closer and I could see them every day.  I get jealous when my sisters and my parents get together without me which is a lot since they live in the same state and I live a couple of states over.  I am happy for them too and I am starting to get over being jealous.  I think they need to appreciate their time together a little more.

5)  I cried for a week when I found out we were moving away from TX because I so enjoy being an aunt and I was grieving over not getting to be involved in my nephews’ and niece’s lives.  

6)  I’ve always wanted to send $5 to my nephews and niece for their birthdays but haven’t because I didn’t know how.  Seems kinda silly to send a check for such a small amount and I know I wouldn’t want to go to the bank to cash it.  I recently had an idea: I could get them a gift card to Walmart and their parents could buy it from them so they could spend the cash where ever they liked.  What do you think?

7)  I only dust once a year.  I’d like to clean my bathrooms weekly, but more often it’s whenever guest are coming.  I haven’t had guest in a long time.  I won’t tell you how often I wash sheets.  Mopping.. humm.

8)  I homeschool for many reasons.  Here are some selfish ones:  
a)  I love my kids and I want to spend as much time with them as I can before they start lives with out me.    
b)  I love the books we read together.  If it wasn’t for the great books we’ve read, I may have quit.  I love the discussions they inspire.  
c)  I love the art and music, too.  I love learning new things with them.  They make Spanish, Math, Science and every other subject fun.  
d)  I love shopping days with Judi.. if she was in school 8 hours a day we’d miss out on all that girl time together.

9)  I have no idea what I am going to do after Judi graduates.  If I think about it for too long, I become a nervous reck.  There are so many things I think I might enjoy doing including going to college, getting a job, starting an Etsy shop, or volunteering.  But I want to do the right thing; the thing God has for me.  It’s hard being patient and waiting for God to tell me.  I keep thinking it must be something that’s going to take a lot of faith or He would have already told me.  

10)  I love God more than I love anyone else.  It hasn’t always been this way.  But I learned to ask Him to help me love Him more.. to increase my hunger for Him whenever I feel like my desire for Him is fading.  He LOVES to answer that prayer.  Almost immediately when ever I pray it I am overcome with longing for Him.  So much so that it almost makes me physically ill.  I think it must be the way He feels about us.  The more I see that He loves me unreservedly the more I love Him.  He is passionate about us.  Sometimes I feel so passionate about Him that I don’t know what to do with it.  

Did I leave anything out??



  1. Wendy

    Sleeping naked thing – ME TOO!!

    I think when my kids graduate, I'll be too old to do anything. An advantage of waiting until you're out of your teens when you start having babies!

    LOVE #10

  2. Elayne

    Ok,there was a meeting and your nephews and neice really like it that you want to send them birthday gifts. Here is what they recommend: You are getting started just a little late for some of them, but you could add up all the birthdays you have missed and send them $5 for each one. You are OK with B, though. He is having his 1st in a couple of weeks. He loves the Walmart card idea, too. He would like to buy some cake to eat off the floor.

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