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I’ve been working on our chore chart.  I make a new one just about every year.  Anytime we move to a new house, we usually REALLY need a new one; new house; new era; new needs.

I switched a few chores around this time hoping to cut down the “I can’t do my chores, because someone else hasn’t done theirs.” syndrome.  Think it will work?  More than anything the charts are for me to define AND remember who’s supposed to do what.  When we don’t have a chart that balances out the chores, no one can agree who’s supposed to do half the chores, and I end up doing them.

I printed it out on light blue card stock and slipped it into a page protector.  It hangs on our fridge next to our school schedule.
I always date the charts and keep them in the computer, so I can compare from year to year who had what job.  Years ago, I’d planned to rotate jobs quarterly between the kids, but it’s turned out to be SO much easier to let the kid who’s really good at their job keep it, so Joel may never learn how to wash dishes etc.  My apologies to all their future spouses.  I do occasionally have training sessions where I gather everyone in one place and show them how a chore is done.

JOYS in “Family JOYS” stands for Joyful, Obedient, Youthful, Service.  It came from an article I read by Terri Camp about teaching your kids to see chores as an opportunity to serve.  Over the years, I’ve learned to love doing house work.  I see it as blessing those who live in and visit our home and I love that I can use the time to pray.

My “kids” (young adults) have pretty good attitudes about chores and are a BLESSING..  our main struggle is getting them done in a timely manner.  Our goal is to have the weekly chores done by Thursday at 4PM so that on Friday everything feels fresh and ready for a relaxed weekend.

If we continue to struggle with getting things done on the list, I might try making one like this:

I like it because it’s easy to see who needs to do what at glance.. without taking a lot of space.  I don’t like that it requires everyone to constantly rearrange sticks, and I am not sure if moving sticks will cut down on the number of times I’ll have to verbally remind them to do their chores.  What do you think?

I’ve charged fees for unfinished chores before.. and/or added chores to their lists.  “If you can’t do your chores on time and without complaining, you must need more practice doing chores.”  Now that they are all young adults, I don’t really say things like that anymore.  They seem to know that chores are a part of life, and don’t complain unless they think it’s someone else’s job.. and even then, they are willing to do it for me if I ask on occasion.  I did show them and threaten to make the chart with the sticks if they continue to need reminders.  Beyond that I am not sure what to do.  Take away computer privileges?

Next the new school schedule..



  1. Wendy

    I like the sticks. I can see how'd it'd be a pain, but it's SO CUTE!! I bet it'd be better for younger kids. I think I'll do it when mine get older, just to have cute decor in the house. 🙂

  2. Wendy

    PS I don't think writing "chores are fun" will change anyone's mind.

  3. Jennifer Coleman

    I agree.. but they can be a blessing when done with the right attitude. 🙂

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