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Humming Bird Visit

Joel came in from walking Sally the other day and said that 
our neighbors had 5 humming birds at their feeder. 

I had been meaning to put our feeder out for months, but I couldn’t
find the directions for how much of the powdered food to put in the feeder.
Within 5 min. of being jellous of our neighbors I had some mixed up,
and it was hanging on the window.  Hope I am not giving them a sugar rush or anything.
I walked over to take a picture for you a couple of minutes ago.. 
and a humming bird met me there so I could take his picture.
Wasn’t that nice? 
And here he is hanging out in our tree.. 
just a little to the left of the suction cup holding up the feeder.
You can find one there often.
BTW I don’t think our tree is dead.
There are several trees in the neighborhood turning.
I think it really is fall.
I am not used to it coming so early.. or for that matter at all (FL, SA).

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  1. Tonya @ Live the Adventure

    I had no idea that I have another real life blogging friend! How exciting! I can relate on many issues here. Our house in Ohio had hummingbirds- I miss them. I'd spent a lot of time and energy cultivating a beautiful butterfly garden (which the new owners ripped out!)not sure that it will work here in Alabama and not sure that I want to expound the energy here in a rental.

    We've also searched high and low to decorate Chelsea's room. I love how it turned out- even if her comforter is also mainly black. Also from Target- via the thrift store I love off Whitesburg. You'll have to check it out sometime if you haven't already.

    Blessings- and Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🙂

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