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Saturday’s Decisions

Saturday morning, Mike and I got up early expecting a long agonizing, discussion over what to do.  Although the doctors are proud of their 99% “cure” rate with DCIS, there are many things to take in to consideration.

First, their definition for cure is that their patient is still alive 5 years later.  If they die 5 years and one day later from breast cancer, it doesn’t change their percentages.  This is why it’s so important to live a healthy life style.  Body, soul and spirit are tied to your health and we have to take care of them by eating right, exercising, keeping our stress levels in check, getting plenty of sleep, taking Sabbaths, loving God and taking time to allow Him to work in your life and help you have healthy relationships with others.

Second, their “cures” can cause other very bad side effects; including lung and ovarian cancer.

Knowing all of this, we sat down to pray, took communion, then got out the dry erase board that I use for homeschooling, and laid out all our options and their risks and possible side effects, and most importantly the words that we had from God so far.

In less than an hour, we had made our decision, had peace that it lined up with what God had spoken to us, and were able to lay out what we needed to do from here.  Praise God!  It would have been even faster, if Zoë, our puppy, hadn’t interrupted.  We were so amazed that it went so smoothly, and so happy that it was over, and we had our day of rest back.

We decided to do a lumpectomy alone, and see how the pathology report comes back.  We are praying that it will come back really good; showing no cancer like the 2nd mammogram.  If it does, I believe it will be a testament to God’s glory.  If it doesn’t, we will have to make further decisions.

We are also praying about:

*Finding surgeon here in Huntsville that I like so that I can avoid traveling back and forth to Birmingham for follow up exams
*Getting a family membership at the YMCA
*If or not we should do the vitamin C IV treatments that one nutritionalist suggested

I really liked the nutritionist/pharmacist that I saw on Friday, agreed with his approach to health, and felt like the paths that he wanted to guide me on to health were paths that God had shown me before.  I will be seeing him again on Wednesday to find the supplements that will work best for me.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support.  I am so blessed.  This is my song for today.


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  1. Wendy

    I'm so glad you were able to come to a decision that brings peace. I'm glad that part is now over. Will continue to pray!

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