I did a little dance in Walmart the other day when I found this deodorant.  
I think it’s “corn free” and it seems to be working!  
The last several years I’ve been using an aluminum free 
“salt crystal” that didn’t leave me smelling oh, so pleasant.
So looking forward to not smelling this summer.
I also bought some Borax (also corn free)
and looked up some of it’s uses
I found even more uses in other places and turned them in to a page for my 
laundry room door.. Can’t wait to try it in my toilet bowl and dishwasher.
I made you a PDF of it to print 
Last year this sun screen worked for me.. 
I bought it after having a bad reaction to my favorite sun block.
This year I turned pale and had a headache with in minutes of putting it on.
So glad I found a bathroom.  Time to find or make a new one.