I’ve been privileged to speak at and/or lead a few different lady’s groups.  
To this day, I fear it more than death, but I love pressing in close to God 
so that I can hear what He would have me to say, 
and I am trying to learn to focus on the message 
and not worry so much about actually being the messenger.  
Usually I can put off the fear until some hours before… 
then when I have to open my mouth, my voice quivers 
and when I am really nervous, I stutter. 
I am in that phase now with my surgery where on the outside
I am calm and happy.. especially that it’s not anytime soon, but
I know from past experience that I need to look ahead and prepare.
When we had our first child, I read everything in the book about giving birth,
breathing, etc. but was totally unprepared for the recovery.. 
Four children later, I made the same mistake when I had my tubes tied.  
I never looked up the side effects or what to expect when recovering.
Fast forward to now.. the internet is such a wonderful invention
  filled with recovery stories, blogs, forums, advice from medical personnel..
  This week I found out more than I wanted to know.  
I just keep telling myself, “A couple of months after, it will be all behind me.”
The sooner I get prepared the sooner I can forget about it 
and enjoy my trip to Alaska with Mike.
Yesterday, along with our regular grocery shopping 
Judi and I starting gathering some recovery supplies.
I was so glad to have Judi with me.. 
because it was hard and a little embarrassing.
 She loved teasing me about buying “granny panties” and the “old lady walker.”
She even called a friend to tell her about it.  
The “Peace Man” pillow is to protect me in the car from my seat belt.
I am hoping the neck pillow will help me to sleep in the recliner.  
Everyone says that was the only place they could sleep.. 
I have a hard time sleeping in mine as it is.. my head doesn’t know where to go.
I found the panties in the maternity section on clearance.. 
I need the big ones to keep the elastic from touching my scar.
Slippers are to keep me from slipping.
Walker is for the first couple of weeks.. then back to the thrift store.
I found the lap tray for a dollar.  Isn’t the painting cute?
I didn’t notice until I got home that the name tag says, “Grace.”
I am so thankful that His grace is always there when we need it most.
Hebrews 4:16