Through Every Season

Family Name Clock

I started this project while sitting in my recliner 
for those first two months after my surgery.  
I had a lot of time for staring and thinking.
Once I had the idea, I designed it in photoshop.  
Then my good friend, Misty, gave me some boards from her fence
that they were repairing after all that wind damage.
I screwed the boards into a panel and started cutting 
out the circle of the clock months ago.. but my jig saw’s
motor burned up mid circle and my project was put on hold.
 I printed all my designs out in light gray to save 
ink and laid them on the circle for placement.
I taped a piece of wax paper to my printer paper and 
ran it through the printer.
Then I used a spoon to rub the ink and wax on to my wood.
A couple of times it took two coats.
“Blessed to be a Blessing” is our family motto.
 A couple of times I forgot to reverse the image,
a very important step. 
The boards were a little too thick for my clock works. 
So I drilled them down a bit. 
Now I know what time it is.


  1. Wendy

    That's awesome! love it

  2. Camezi

    I like all your projects. Maybe I should try something new, too. I'm getting bored with my routine.

  3. Elayne

    That clock turned out awesome!

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