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Fall Field Trip

For Veteran’s Day Mike took me to the coolest mill we’ve ever seen.
It’s called Falls Mill and it’s only about an hour from us.
This is a treadmill for a dog.. 
He treads and the butter churns in the thing in front.
 The water wheel was over a hundred years old.
Up stairs they had a museum.
 This player piano plays 20/30’s music and comes
complete with drums and cymbals.
 They had a collection of cast iron.
 And I thought Mom would like the cameras.
I really liked the spool organizer.
Where can I get one of those?
For a while the mill was used to spin thread. 
I thought demonstrating this weaving loom would be a cool job. 
 Here’s where the water runs down the wheel. 
And a picture of the mill from down below.
The sun wasn’t real cooperative. 
 We were there.
Most of the leaves had fallen
in this valley.
 Loved these berries.
 This tree was gorgeous.
 The garage.
On the way home we passed this barn
 and Mike stopped so I could photograph it. 

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  1. Elayne

    I do like the cameras. And the barn. and the mill.

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