My good friend Suzanne sent me this beautiful arrangement for my birthday.
I wasn’t super excited at first.. 
I think because I was anticipating the guilt of killing them.
In less than 2 months, I’d already killed 5 leaves off this one plant.
But now that I know about wicking planters..
all my plants have to have them.
I did a trial run with this on in a glass dish so I could see
if it really worked before digging my big planters out side. 
It worked beautifully.
I found these pots at Old Time Pottery for a deal.
Her one arrangement filled two pots.
Drilled an overflow hole.
Siliconed in a little tubing.
 Drilled holes in my plastic containers.
Filled in the rest with rocks.
Put in my fill tube. 
Put in my screen. 
 George thinks the overflow tube is cool.
Put in my dirt and plants.
 Sprinkled them with cayenne pepper to keep
George from eating them.
Works like a charm.
 My plants are so happy now.
Perked right up.