My kids say the funniest things and..
I am always wanting to write them somewhere…

I bad about losing the ones I scribble down.
If I post them on FB, they may never speak to me again..
They never read my blog so.. I am starting a new post label.

Sunday morning I woke Judi up an hour before time
to leave for church to give her time to shower if she needed to.  
She is not at all a morning person and was not too happy with me.  
She wants me to wait to wake her until 15 min. before time to go.
She’s told me this before.. but I just didn’t get it.  I love mornings.

To get her point across this time she said emphatically,
 “I value sleep more than I value beauty.”
I think I got it.

Today we were talking about possibly going to
Fiesta Texas this summer and Judi asked, 
“Is ‘fiesta’ a Mexican or American word?”  
I laughed.

In her defense, she said, “Well, I’ve been studying

Spanish for so long now that I don’t know which is which.”
Spanish is her favorite subject.
I am so thankful for the good medicine of 
laughter my family shares with me each day.
I hope you’ll take time to treasure those moments with your family, too.