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St. Louis Trip

We recently discovered that it is only a 6 hr. drive to St. Louis.  
What a nice surprise and I so hope to see more of my friends there.  
We stopped for lunch in Kentucky at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  đź™‚  
And made it to the last house we ever rented in Lebanon by late afternoon.
 Mike thought it looked smaller and bluer.. it looked just the same to me..
except it has a nice white vinyl fence now and the apple trees are huge.
The towns around had grown up tremendously.  
Last time we got gas in this area we paid 78 cents a gallon.  
1998 – no kidding.  
This house in O’Fallon was the very first house we ever bought.
1100 sq. ft. for $50,000 now worth over $100,000.
I was actually happily surprised at how both houses were holding up.
With rain in the forecast, we planned as many 
outdoor activities our first day there.
We went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens for the first time.
Well worth the trip.  Would like to go back again.
I got a ton of awesome pictures…
If you don’t want to see them all, skip to my next post.
 My alums with some gorgeous tulips.
Tons of Azaleas .. we liked the evergreen ones the best. 
Did you know pinecones grow all in a row like this? 
James by the Japanese Garden 
 I want one of these.
Bridge over the lake. 
It was sunny and cool.. beautiful. 
 Lots of little birds hopping around.
On to the Art Museum.

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  1. Elayne

    That is a beautiful garden. I remember the Japanese garden and that boardwalk.
    Your houses do look nice.

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