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D.C. Birthday Trip: Botanical Gardens & American Indian Museum

Monday I had all to myself to go anywhere 
the metro and my feet would take me.  
After visiting the NGA a second time I went to the Botanical Gardens.
 I started at the side gate.  Enjoyed the azaleas.
 Love the color contrast.
View from the front.
Tulips for Mom.
Inside there was a orchard exhibit.
 This one’s named for Princess Diana
 Love the purple.
 And wow!
Next I went to the National American Indian Museum.
 The building was beautiful.
 They do the coolest things with beads.
 It took a family 9000 cover this VW Bug with beads.
The horse exhibit upstairs was my favorite.
 A chief.
Horse dancing sticks. 
 A horse mask..
And on another floor this amazing sculpture.
It was made to celebrate the friendship between 
the Oneida people and George Washington (the United States).

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  1. Elayne

    Great pics! I am impressed with all the museums. I don't think you learned to enjoy them from us. I can usually get Dad to 1 museum per trip, but not always.

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