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Laguna Beach, California

We flew into CA on Memorial Day weekend.. so Savannah 
actually got to spend 2 days with the 3 of us and a third day just us girls.
On Memorial Day, she took us to the Laguna Beach.
 See the mansions up on the hill?  They have a great ocean view.
 We enjoyed wondering in and out the local shops.
 Laguna Beach is a favorite beach for artist to come and paint.
 It reminded us of our favorite beach 
in Florida (Lido Key)…maybe even a little nicer.
Knew this was a good one.  
It was pretty crowded.. Memorial Day 
Mike decided it was too cold to swim.
 We learned that Savannah used to go surfing all the time.. 
She said the water in CA is always cold. 
 We should do this again sometime.  

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  1. Wendy

    I enjoyed reading your CA posts. Thanks for the update! So cool about seeing Monk!!

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