.. was a title I considered for my last post.  🙂

Later that night, Mike and I settled in to watch
an episode of a fun TV show to relax.
Their theme was intentionally, overtly obvious:
“Leaving the past behind.”
I told Mike, “I want to but it keeps following me around.”

Afterwards, he checked the mail and there was something
from one of my surgeons.. it was a $25 refund.. which was nice..
but all I could think was “Will this day ever end?”

I spent yesterday worshiping again.  It was less emotionally trying,
but more physically trying as I struggled with my corn allergy.

I bought new curtains for my bedroom.
They needed ironing.
The steam from the iron made the sizing
(starch – from corn, of course)
steam up and make me sick.
I would have washed them first,
but they are dry clean only.

I spent a good part of the day re-designing the curtains (future post)..
and part on the floor because I was so sick from the steam.
I didn’t want to quit and have to face them another day.
Many times my reaction to a second exposure is much worse

All that and I still felt much better having vomited up that last post.  🙂