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Spring Has Come and Zoe’s on the Run

 I took these photos of our tree shortly after we returned from our Spring Break trips.
I didn’t remember it flowering before, but I did remember the helicopter seeds.
I loved playing with those as a girl.  
Not sure I am going to enjoy cleaning them up as this tree matures.
It’s kinda a new tree.. our first tree died in the April 2011 tornadoes.
 Josh and Joel helped Mike plant this one.  🙂
It’s a Shantung Maple.  We bought it expecting red fall foliage.  We got yellow.
Zoe, turned her head the second I snapped this picture.  
Something caught her eye and she’s ready to run.
She has managed to get through a door and run off 
through the neighborhood several times in the last few weeks.
So thankful that she hasn’t been hit by a car.

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  1. Wendy

    Beautiful pictures!!

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