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Broken Bed Becomes..

Last move, I built beds for Joel and Josh that quickly broke 
when they and a friend decided to wrestle on them.  
Not intended for over 500 lbs.  
I rebuilt their beds with thicker, more boy resistant boards.
I used the broken boards to make these extra large scrabble letters this summer.  
Our family motto is “Blessed to Be a Blessing” from Genesis chapter 12.
I also made this un-paper towel holder from their broken bed.
I moved the roll of paper towels to the cabinet below for really yucky messes.  
I had the cotton, towel fabric in my closet from Mamalene.  
I used her surger to make napkin sized towels and stuffed them in the top.  
No folding necessary.  I like them better than paper towels.
They are softer and stronger and I like thinking that I am saving trees and money.
I used mod podge and scrap scrapbooking paper to make it look a little cuter. 

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