Through Every Season

Victoria, BC.. Canada

Hanging out on our favorite deck with a sea bird.
 Miles and miles of ocean.  
There are whales, dauphins, and seals in there.  
I know because we saw them. 🙂
They order and plant over 300,000 tulips from Holland every year.

 The Butchart Family was in the cement business.

This used to be a rock quarry.
Bleeding Hearts
 Love these.
 Cherry Trees!
 Believe me about the tulips?
 Love the contrasting colors!
 Original Butchart Manson
 Tired of flowers yet?
 How about a waterfall?
 How about a tree?
 Not just any tree.. a REDWOOD!
 Me and my tree.
By the bay.. the Empres Hotel
And government buildings.
… This was our last port before returning to Seattle.
We had such a WONDERFUL time!

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  1. Wendy

    Your pics made me "oooow & ahhhhh"
    Z said he liked the bleeding hearts flowers.

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