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Texas Smile Lines

The night we left for Texas, I looked in the mirror and noticed how
pronounced the little smile lines around my eyes are getting and wondered,
“Will anyone we visit say, ‘You haven’t aged a bit since I saw you last.'”
Savannah said something like that when we saw her last year in CA.
It makes you feel so good to hear it.. even when you know it’s not true.
It had been 16 years since we’d last seen her.
I think she actually meant I was thin rather than young looking.
 I’ve gained 20 pounds since then.
This trip we heard something a little different.
From Mike’s aunt we got, “Where’s all your gray hair?” 
and “Well, you don’t look sickly.”
I think maybe the things they’d heard about us
sounded worse than we looked and hopefully are.
Then when I posted this picture of my new 
cowboy boots on FB, my Mom Commented: 
“Oh, grandmother, what big feet you have.”
Love them both to death.  I think they caused more smile lines in my face.
I had thought about trying to smile less to prevent my lines
from getting worse.. but only for a second.
I guess this camera angle does make my feet look a little bigger.
They are size 8.5.  Is that big?
For those of you who don’t know (Mom), cowboy boots
are made with heals to help you stay in the stirrups  
and with extra inch or two in the pointy ends, 
so if a horse steps on your boots 
(horses can be ornery) they miss your toes.
Will I ever out grow being embarrassed by my parents?
Guess that’s what I get for being so vain.


  1. Wendy

    I feel a lot younger than I look. I catch a glimps in the mirror and I think, I don't really look that bad, do I? I think you look great. 10 years younger than you are, for sure.

  2. Elayne

    I honestly thought you were kidding about those being your boots. I thought they were one of the boy's. If those are really your boots, I guess you might be related to Basil Frasure. He was wearing some the day I met him with his western shirt with snaps on it. And you still look like my sweet baby girl to me.

  3. Jennifer Coleman

    Ahh, Thank you, Wendy. Joseph Prince told a true story about a woman who lived in a mental hospital most of her life that still looked 20 when she was 60 years old. The only reason the doctors could find that she stayed young was because she believed she was. I still think I am 17. And have decided that I won't let the mirror tell me different. I'll just keep letting Jesus renew my youth and my mind till he returns. Thanks, Mom, for passing on the young genes, too.

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