Through Every Season

Trip to LA

We had a great time in CA.  
So glad Judi and I got to go with Mike on his conference trip.
Joel drove us to the airport at 4:30 AM.
 Sunrise at the airport
Of the three of us..
Who looks the happiest to be a wake? 
One of those mountains says HOLLYWOOD..  
Our first time to see the sign in person.
And just outside the baggage claim door we saw
our first and only Hollywood star..
Mike jokingly said, “Look!  There’s Monk!”
He’s always teasing about spotting celebrities..
When I looked up, there he was in the flesh.. the real “Monk,”  
our eyes locked for several seconds as we walked by.
He was calling a taxi.  He may have been on the same 
plane with us.  We could have had breakfast with him in the 
Dallas airport.  I couldn’t believe how star struck I was.
Judi asked incredulously, “Is that the real Monk?”
She couldn’t believe that he actually dressed 
like the “Monk” on the TV show.

Judi offered to take our picture with him.
We couldn’t do it.  
Go back and ask for a picture?  
We’re way too shy.  
Instead I took these lame pictures from where we waited for our shuttle.
He’s the one in the khaki pants and brown jacket standing 
between the kid and his security guard.
 And there goes his taxi.  
Silly me.

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  1. Camezi

    I was hoping to see Monk's face.

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