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Month: November 2009

Black Friday Conquests

We kinda fell into Black Friday Shopping this year.
Judi was dying to find a pair of these shoes.
I didn’t think she would wake up early enough to go shopping.
She hates waking up early.
So what did she do to avoid waking up early?
She stayed up for 36 hours straight.  🙂
Since we were at the mall anyway I got this shirt 25% off at Charlotte Russe.
I think it will be a long time favorite.
I had a coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond.
I got this mirror to help me see the back of my hair when I cut it.
These gloves were $1.50 for the pair.
I plan to use the fingerless pair when I knit and type.  🙂
Doorbuster Cd’s were Mike’s motivation for getting out of the apartment.
Then for a bonus we got this DVD set.
It was cheeper to buy them than to rent them.  I’ve seen 3 or 4 of them.
Mike says we have to wait till Christmas to open and see the rest.
Judi got a T-shirt that says, “Bass your life on Christ” with a picture of a bass of course.
And James got a T-shirt that says, “Christianity isn’t a Religion.”
Refer to this entry when you want to see what we got for Christmas.
Tomorrow’s Cyber Monday.

Personality Quiz

Thanks for taking a guess on my Christmas cards.. Mike didn’t pick Bob the Builder though.  I thought he fit right in with our family.  
Mike does like to be funny.. but I think he’s a little shy.. too… especially in large groups.
Our church was talking a few weeks back about Gary Smalley’s personality traits.
Mike’s a beaver.  The kids were easy to pick out.. Josh a lion.. James a golden retriever.. Joel a beaver.. Judi an otter..
I asked Mike who he thought I was… He said I was a lion.
Can you believe that?  I was up set at first.. because I thought I was a golden retriever..  then decided that it was OK to be a lion.
I definitely think I am a combination of lion/golden retriever though..
I wanted to think that I was only a lion when I had to be.. I think that is true when I don’t know people.. but with my family I am pretty sure that I am a lion when I am not getting my own way.  Ooops.
What do you think?  about me?  Yourself?
Gary Smalley’s site has a link to a free personality test.. I haven’t tried it yet.

Re-worked Pages for Scrapbook

I was going to re-work all the pages for the scrapbooks but I didn’t like the way they were turning out, so this is what I did instead.  I left out the pages of friends etc.
I did re-do the last two pages.  I like them so much that I am thinking about printing out a set for me, too.
If you think of something more clever for me to write, let me know.
There’s one page that I wasn’t allowed to publish here.. Judi may not let me mail it either.  We’ll see.
An inch will be cropped off the bottoms.. that’s while they look a little weird.  Costco has 8×12″ prints for 1.49.  That was the best deal I could find.  I may have to renew my Costco membership after all.
Still need to redo our family photo.. Mike caught what I had.  🙁

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