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Spring Break Photos Part 1

Yum Fudruckers

Judi, Miranda and James on the left.  Rebekah, Nichole and Mike on the right.

 Girls in Judi’s car following us bumper to bumper (the norm) in Pigeon Forge.

Our view Sunday evening.

Our view Tuesday morning after 2 days of snow.

Making snow balls.

4 inches of snow on the cars.

Which ball is smaller?

I think this one is.

Our snow person.

Our tongues keep popping out to catch snowflakes.. 

Mountain at the end of our road.

Friendly horses in Cade’s Cove


The church choir.

It was a little muddy..

James was computing while climbing the mud slide and slid himself.. ipad survived the mud.   Judi said, “I have a towel you can use in my trunk.”  James asked, “Where is that?”  Judi, “Attached to the back of my car.”  James wouldn’t budge.. do involved in making sure his ipad was okay.  Judi was so great that she marched down, got the towel and gave it to him… while the girls and I laughed at James for falling in the mud and took pictures.

We are church goers.

Maybe my favorite snow picture.

Or this one.

The barn.

Girls in the hay loft.

both sides.

Jumping down.

I got mud on my rear.. is that from James?

Best cabin yet.

The road behind.

The road ahead.

Did I share enough of these?

Love this one.

Weeden House Field Trip

On Saint Patrick’s Day, we went downtown for a picnic by Big Spring Park 
and then to the Weeden House for a tour.  It’s so pretty and peaceful at the park
 that I understand why Mr. Hunt chose to settle there in 1805.  
I’ve fallen head over heals for the blooming trees this Spring.  I keep seeing more 
I want to photograph and I am sad when I don’t have my camera with me.
Joel with ZoĂŞ
She’s even more adorable now that she’s house broken.  đź™‚
 Clear sunny skies.  We just missed the Saint Patrick’s Day parade.  
The flag with the red “x” is the Alabama State flag.  
We were here a year before I figured that one out.  ha
It must be one of the easiest state flags to draw.
 We learned quite a bit at the Weeden House about Huntsville’s history.  
The house was built in 1819.  Huntsville was one of the few southern cities 
who’s houses were not burnt to the ground in the Civil War.  
It’s located in a historical part of town they call the Twickenham District.
In 1810, “Hunt’s Spring’s” first land developer renamed the town 
“Twickenham” after the home of the English poet Alexander Pope.
The very English sounding name didn’t last long though.  
In 1811 anti-British sentiment grew so that they quickly changed 
the name to “Huntsville” in honor of Mr. Hunt, who was it’s first settler.
I am really glad the name “Twickenham” didn’t stick.  
I’d much rather tell people that I am from Huntsville.
The house is named for Maria Howard Weeden who was an amazing 
artist and poet that supported her family with her art during 
the lean years after the Civil War (more widely known here as 
“The War of Northern Agression Against The States”).
She is famous for her detailed, watercolor portraits of the ex-slaves she knew and
for the way she rewrote their stories into poetry using their original dialect.
She had several books of poetry and art published. Joel Chandler Harris, creator of
“Uncle Remus,” said she was “the bright light of the nineteenth century.”
Look her up.  You won’t be disappointed. 
This is one of the large upstairs bedrooms used now as a dressing room 
for the wedding parties hosted there.  Thanks to an inquisitive kid on 
the tour we learned what chamber pot was (pre-indoor plumbing). 
A pretty cool Bible.
Joel and Judi in the garden where they hold the weddings.
A couple more tree pictures before I sign off.. 
 Here is a close up of a black tulip magnolia tree that I learned about a few weeks ago. 

Clarkson Bridge Park

This week has just been beautiful.  
Weather in the high 60’s and yesterday it got up around 70.  
We couldn’t stand spending all week inside so we got out and met some good friends 
that we met originally in FL in Cullman at a covered bridge there.  
The bridge was built in 1904.
Just beautiful.
Houston, Holden, Abbey, Judi, Joel and Zoë
Kids had a grand time hiking and playing hide and seek.  
And we moms enjoyed just sitting and talking in the fresh air.

McWane Science Center

Terri’s daughter got to be on the Channel 6 weather live.

Princess J plays a tune.

They had three shadow puppet screens.  The butterflies will land on your shadow.  

Terri’s son and my programer came, too but I didn’t find any good pictures of them.

Alabama Tales

Princess J, a friend from church and I went to the Alabama Archives and History to hear Kathryn Tucker Windham speak.  She just celebrated her 90th birthday a couple of weeks ago.  She was a great storyteller/speaker.  Very comfortable in front of an audience.  The auditorium was packed, but our friend, Martha, miraculously  found us a seat on the second row.  Thanks, Martha!
One of her stories was about a man whose wife ran away with a traveling sales man.  He put up wanted posters offering $100 for the return of his wife.  The posters included a photograph, her age, weight and color of her eyes and hair.  A couple of weeks later she came home fuming because the posters said she weighed 20 lbs. more than she actually did.  She made him pay her the $100 reward money.  
Her book is probably great fun.

The Zoo

Mike and I went to the zoo a few months ago and purchased family passes.  Its a smallish zoo (we were spoiled by the world class Saint Louis zoo) but it’s nice.
I’ve been wanting to take the kids to see what it’s like before it got too hot.  I would go everyday just to walk and enjoy the scenery if I could only learn to make the time.  It’s only a 10 minute drive but the zoo opens at 9 am which is right in the middle of school.
I had a rough couple of days this week and decided that Thursday would be the perfect day to take off, go to the zoo and take some pictures for myself for Mother’s Day.  Friday went much better.. God’s grace was there to do all I needed to do.  

Do I look like I had a rough couple of days?
My mathematician made me promise to make calzones to take with us.  When we lived in San Antonio, I would often make these spinage and turkey pepperoni calzones and take visiting friends out for a picnic and a walk through a park.  We wrap them in foil and pack them in an ice chest; we’re always surprised when they are still warm.  The one thing I forgot was to first wrap them in a paper towel to help absorb the moisture.  The red sauce is our spaghetti sauce for dipping.  My Hungry Howie’s Pizza employee said I could put a thin layer of sauce in the calzone before baking them.  I like a lot of sauce and when I put it all in it oozes out and makes a mess while it’s baking.
Although I love giraffes, I’ve learned that happiness in life comes when I am content like this zebra.  Why does grass look greener in the neighboring lions den?  I think I’d prefer to be too short to even see over the boundaries that the Lord has laid out for me.  Since I am not, I try to keep focused on Him and on where I am at and enjoy the life He has given me.  

God is good!
We thought this monkey with the handle bar mustache was really interesting.
Gifts from God.
The highlight of the show was this baby elephant and a baby rhino born this winter at the zoo.  I was so stunned at how much the rhino had grown that I forgot to take any pictures of him.

It was starting to warm up.  Baby is cooling down in the pile of dirt while dad is taking a splash.
Smile for the camera.
Finally a perfect pose.
Love you all,
Happy Mother’s Day!

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