My new glasses came in last week.  
I was so glad.. because I was starting to get irritated by the fact I couldn’t see.
When I first put them on I was so happy, because I could SEE!
Then I looked in the mirror.. not so happy.  
Guess that’s what I get for buying glasses I couldn’t try on first.  
They are about an inch wider than my old ones.. which I knew.. 
but my old ones were unusually small and I thought I might ought to 
work up to getting really big ones for bifocals.  
Going from not wearing glasses to wearing “big” ones was hard.  
I miss my old glasses.  
I can see leaves on the trees.
I can see words on a page.  
I didn’t realize that my reading glasses would have a shiny metallic coating.. 
Although, in the back of my head I told myself 
that what you see computer monitor might look a little different in real life.
I am not sure if I wish I had gotten a different frame or not.  
I am still adjusting to seeing myself in the mirror.
I’ve also had a few headaches.  I think mostly from the reading glasses.  
I can see fine print really well with them, then when I look up at someone talking
to me I get dizzy.. I basically have to take them off to look at anything else.
Then they seem to spoil my eyes.. stuff I could see before I can’t see after using them..
and if I move my head to fast to look at the next page ..
Then I have to take my driving glasses off to read.. .
With my old glasses I could read better with them on – than off.
I am not sure if my prescription is wrong or if it’s just an adjustment period.
Sometimes I wish I could go to school for everything..
Become a mechanic and fix my own car, eye doctor, regular doctor..
and just fix everything myself.