Judi came in the house today laughing and said, “Help, Mom, I might need a hair cut.”

I had to look twice before I understood what was going on.

She had the weed eater caught in her hair!

I ran for the camera.. thought I’d help make a memory, but she ran into my bedroom and locked me out before I could get a photo.

Through the laughter and tears we were able to get her hair untangled bit by bit and didn’t have to cut it.  đź™‚  Thank God for engine oil.

She’s a fast learner: A ponytail for yard work.

I did get one photo.. of her running out of the house with her weed eater free ponytail.

While finishing up the yard, a spider bit her.. she’s such a trooper.  A shower and a little lavender oil and she was off to work at the Y. again.

Hope your day was better,