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Month: December 2010

Growing Up

My second little duckling got his first job.  Yay!  He’ll be working full time in a technical department, helping people with their computers and programing.  We are thankful for the opportunity and experience he’ll be gaining and for the friend from church who helped him get the job and who will be mentoring him.

Only thing is that now I have to go through the separation anxiety that most moms go through when their kids go to their first day of kindergarden.  Homeschooling is great about postponing things like that.  His first day of work I’ll be dropping him off at 7 am, I will probably cry, and I’ll praying that he’ll do well, be a light for Jesus, and be protected in the big bad world.

I think James is feeling it, too.  He’s been giving me lots of hugs.  I’d never tell any of my kids that I cried when I dropped them off.. or blogged about their new job at 3 am.  They would probably laugh at me (and mostly I wouldn’t want them to worry).

I am so thankful for all the years of homeschooling that God has walked me through, for all the time I’ve had with my children, for the spiritual and personal growth homeschooling caused in me, and especially that I all four love the Lord (and me) despite all my faults and shortcomings.

Soon, I’ll be in new, uncharted territory (for me).. I won’t have any left in homeschool and they will all be living their own lives, but my job won’t be finished.. I will still be praying that they will continue to choose to live them for the Lord, that they will find Him their constant helper and guide, that they will choose and be blessed with full and happy lives, and that they will continue to grow and mature and be a well pleasing fragrance for the Lord.

And and for much more..

Christmas Cards 2010

I was hoping to take our annual family photo this weekend,
then chickened out when the weather turned even colder.
Our normal highs for this time of year are in the 50s.
Feels like we’ve been in the 20s and 30s for weeks.
It snowed ALL day yesterday, and it’s snowing still.
Tonight we are expecting a low of 12.  
Not the best weather for picture taking or 
housebreaking a puppy.  Burr!
So, our Christmas cards are a little different this year.
If you’re thinking one or two of the pictures have been photoshopped..
you are right, but I’ll never tell which ones.
Hope you’re keeping warm.

Nativities Around the House

Last December, we moved into the new house and spent the month unpacking,
so this is our first year to have our nativities up.
The nativity above sits here year round.. found it at Good Will for just a few dollars.  
The tree and Journey to Bethlehem ornament are just for the season.
The manger with the piece of folded fabric lying under the tree are from 
our very first Fontanini nativity which Mike’s mom gave us along with
 the tree and gifts to take to Thailand.
Josh, then 10 months old, loved to throw things in the trash.
We didn’t notice that Baby Jesus was missing until it was too late.
We used this cloth Jesus for many years.. a happy young parenthood memory for me.

My mom got this soft nativity for my grandchildren to play with one day
 when we went to visit Courtney’s family in Lubbock last.
It’s not puppy proof, so for now it sits on our hearth room mantle.
Our original Fontanini nativity with a new Baby Jesus sits on our living room mantle.
A new set sits on the piano.
And the rest on our entryway dresser..
I got two new pieces this year when we went to Pigeon Forge with Mike’s
Parents a couple of weeks ago.  Nancy bought me a shoe maker..
and Mike got me the girl playing a harp like mine, “Chloe.”

Only problem with this location is that Georgia loves to jump on the dresser 
and knock down things from there to play with..  
When it was my shell, rock and acorn collection, I didn’t mind so much… 
But now I am not so amused.. 
The swan sitting on the water disappeared the first day it was up..
We looked everywhere for it.. 
She thinks all the decorations and Christmas tree are one giant Christmas present to her..
and she loves to share with the puppy.. who ate a cross ornament today.. 
 Hope you’re having a great weekend.

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