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Month: September 2011

Talladega Trip: Favorite Part

If you were to ask us what our favorite part of our trip was,
we’d probably both agree: eating – with friends, at Shakey’s Pizza,
Blue Bell ice cream, at a stake place down the road from our 
time share at the Cheaha State park with a view..
Mike’s second would probably be the speedway..
My second would be photographing this mill and covered bridge..
 It was just so beautiful..
And easy to photograph..
Kymulga Grist Mill and Bridge
Mike asked..  
“Why did they build covered bridges?” 
 Do you know the answer?
 A friend told me last year.. 
 To protect them from the elements.. 
Keeping the ice off them helped them last much longer.
 They actually have a camp ground at this park.
 And a nice trail..
 So nice..

Talladega Speedway

Before heading back we had to stop at the Talladega Speedway.
And visit their museum. 
We saw a bunch of cars.
 Including a rocket car (on my left)
that broke the sound bearer driving 739.6 mph.
Mike’s favorite..
 Trying on one for size.
 Then we took a private tour of the speedway.
(We were the only ones there.)
Stood in the winner’s circle.
 Learned things like..
Their bleachers run a mile long…
 The track banks at 31 degrees.  So steep you have  
drive at least 80 mph to avoid falling off.
 At 2.6 miles long, it’s Nascar’s biggest race track.  
Start your engines.

Talladega National Forest ~ 2

On my birthday we went to Sylacauga, AL for a special treat:
 a tour at a Blue Bell Creamery that ended with a big scoop of ice cream.  
Mike had his standard: Mint Chocolate Chip and I tried something new:
Mocha Madness.  It’s my new favorite.
There are only 3 Blue Bell creameries in the country.  
This was my first factory tour.  Pretty cool.
Did you know that they make 42 different flavors.
Over half they rotate through – the year.
Mike and I decided that we could never work there.
Their employees get 4 breaks a day and are allowed to grab
and eat 1/2 a gallon on each of their breaks.
We also stopped by the Comer Museum.  It’s an art/history/ Jim Nabors’ 
museum.  Jim grew up there and sang in the school and church choirs. 

Wednesday we went to Cheaha State Park.
Saw a beautiful tower.
 You could see for miles.
I’d like to watch an approaching storm from there someday.
 I am a little obsessed with taking pictures of my little car.
It looks so at home in the forest that
I found a forest name for it.. (see end of post).
This little dear was hungry; we had nothing to feed her.
While waiting for time for our lunch we took a
hike down Bald Rock Boardwalk Trail.

and saw signs of fall.
We are so glad it’s September and the weather’s turned cooler.
What a view.
Here we are.

at Bald Rock

 Here we are with the view in view.

Before leaving the park we at at the Cheaha Restaurant;
reasonably priced, great food with an awesome view.
Did I mention that were are on the highest mountain in Alabama?

Next we drove about 6 miles South to find High Falls Trial.

I’d found impressive pictures of the falls on line.
The trickle we found there was a little underwhelming.
We climbed up the side of the falls along it’s three tiers.
Lowest tier above.  Middle tier below.
Then way up these stairs..
The grand finale.  Maybe we should try again in the Spring.
The on-line review of the hike described it as short;
they forgot to mention steep.  It’s not named “High Falls” for nothing.
Time to catch my breath.

At least it’s cool in the shade.

Loving the trees.
Did I say steep?
Some flowers along the trail.
And something that reminded me of my car.
Green and small.. but big on the inside.
“My Little Green Acorn” – does the name fit?

Talladega National Forest ~ 1

For my birthday week Mike took me to the 
Talladega National Forest for a relaxing time away.
On our way there, we stopped at a new outlet mall 
just East of Birmingham where I scored big time.
 Got this new cordless tool set for $75 with tax 
and some new dresses and slacks.
Saturday we went out to explore the area around a nearby lake
 Gorgeous roads.
 We took my car.  Mike got an amazing 38 miles to the gallon one time.
It averages around 27 mpg.
It’s so cute.  Doesn’t it look right at home in the woods?
Sunday we went to Montgomery to visit old friends.
and their kids
River’s Edge Church was celebrating their 6th anniversary.
Red Robbin is our favorite place in Montgomery to eat with friends.
 It was great seeing everyone.
Before going back to our time share we drove an hour and a half 
to Shakey’s to catch part of a football game and of course
 for some of our favorite pizza, mojos and chicken.

Red Letter Labor Day

 Where’s everyone going?
Off to work.
We are so happy all the kids got jobs.
Student unemployment is close to 30%.
 Joel picked up one of Josh’s shirts by
mistake and took it to work with him once.
Luckily he had been rescheduled for a few hours
 later.. so he had time to go home and switch shirts.
Don’t think they’d appreciate him wearing
 a Pizza Inn shirt at Donatos.
This is Josh’s 3rd pizza place job.
His first was at Pizza Hut in FL.
Second at Hungry Howie’s in Montgomery.
He knows pizza and will eat it everyday given the chance.
They aren’t the only ones dressed in red.
Judi wears red to her lifeguarding job, too.
She’s working at a brand new YMCA about 20 min. south of us.
She loves that she gets to swim everyday.
She and James wear shorts to work.
Red is one of James’ favorite colors.  
He actually wears whatever he wants to work.
No one would be able to do their job 
without him running the tech department.
They are so glad to have him.

This is the first Labor Day that we’ve 
celebrated where all our young adults have had jobs.
Last Labor Day none of them had one.
So thankful.

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