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2 Bicycle Wheels = 1 Pot Rack and 1 Mobile

I love bicycles as art.  
Mike and I’s first piece of art was a poster of bicycle. 
It’s hung in many homes; 
living rooms, a bathroom and now in our kitchen.
I found this bike at a thrift store last Friday.
 It was small, old, rusty, and the seat was torn to shreds
and the color of the wheels remind me of my car!
 It was exactly what I was looking for 
and for the exact price I was hoping for – 5 dollars!
I “hid” it in my garage with our other bikes 
over the weekend hopping Mike wouldn’t notice and 
I wouldn’t have to explain why I bought it.
 Saturday morning he asked,
“Why is there a little girl’s bike in our garage?”
I didn’t want to say, 
“I am going to use it for a pot rack and a mobile that I saw on line;
see how cool they are?”
So I said, “I bought it for parts.” 
He was a trooper and didn’t ask any more questions.
Thank you, Sweety.
Monday morning, I got to work.. 
I looked up on youtube “How to take off a bike wheel.”
I LOVE youtube.  I learned that you have to disconnect the brakes
first then turn the nuts “counter clockwise.”  Knowledge is power.
The only problem I had was with the little safety screw thingy above.
The screw wouldn’t budge.  I had to cut it off with a hack saw.
Once I had both wheels off, I took one to the store for parts
which came in a little under 6 dollars.
 Then I cleaned up the wheels a little with soap, water and sand paper;
they were pretty rusty. Then I taped up and painted the inside rims
with rustoleum primer (to stop the rusting) then metallic paint,
which I had on hand from other projects.  🙂
I saved the smallest gear to hang up my back wheel;
I thought it was cute and I needed something to fill up the big hole.
I had the ceiling hook on hand, too.  It matches, too. 🙂
This nut from the bike was big enough not to slip through the gear hole.
I took some picture wire (from other projects) and tied on 
with an overhand knot to secure it,
 then wrapped the end of the wire around and 
pulled it through the gear and back wheel.

I made similar loop/knot on the other end to hang on the hook.
I dug through my school supplies and found this world map.
Pretty isn’t it.  It’s from 1975.
So old that I felt guilty using it for school 
way back when the kids were little. 
I googled “How to make paper airplanes” and found diagrams on this site.
I cut up my map and made it into 8 paper air planes.
I tried to make each one a little different.
I “laminated” my map with clear contact paper 
way back when.. so they were nice and thick.
I stapled in a small strip of map to make a loop to hang them from,
 then hung them from my back wheel.
 Isn’t it great?  That space looked so naked before.
 On to the Pot Rack:

 These are the parts I bought earlier.. 
(all 3/8″ – same as the bolt from my bike)
a wood to metal screw, couplings, hex nuts, jam nuts,
 washers (I only used one), 
and a 10 inch carriage bolt that ended up being too long,
so I switched it out for a 6 inch one later.
 I really appreciated the instructions from the link above.. 
but felt like I needed more pictures, so I took some.
I filled up the medal side of the wood to medal with nuts
and topped it off with a washer,
 leaving just enough threads for the coupling to screw halfway up.
The jam nuts are what keeps everything from unscrewing.
When you tighten them against the other nuts, they lock in place.
 I found a joist in my ceiling with my stud finder,
 drilled a small hole through, then I used my wrench 
to screw the wood to medal screw into my joist.
I always wondered how you were supposed to screw those
things in without missing up the threads.
 I tightened all the bolts together 
and I had a secure place to hang my pot rack.
 The threads on my bike wheel bolt were tighter than the threads
on my carriage bold so I was unable to keep my ball bearings and cone. 🙁
I exchanged my 10″ carriage bolt for a 6″ one.
filled it up with nuts and the extra coupling.
The guy from the web site above used a bunch of washers.
The nuts were more economical and lock nicly.
I left enough room to screw into the coupling
and a little room near the wheel so I could 
get to the tightening ridge under the head of the bolt, and
so I it would be a little loose for turning and reaching my pots.
I screwed it into my coupling and tightened all the nuts.
Next I got out these $9.00 shower curtain hooks I found at Target.
They were much cheeper than any pot rack, or “s” hooks I could find.
  And ta-da.. they match my cast iron pots and pans..
I like it..
Much easier access than in my crowded cabinet,
much cheaper than any other solution I could find
(just under twenty bucks), fun and a little artsy,
and my pans can air dry without getting rusty.
Hope Mike lets me leave them up.

Making Meal Planning and Preparing Easy

Cooking has never come naturally to me.
So I’ve been working on making 
cooking and shopping as easy as possible. 
I’ve been finding recipes on line and 
printing them on 4×6 cards for a while now.
I like using this protective photo magnet sleeve to hang 
them on my oven vent while cooking… easy and accessible.
I list the ingredients on the left with what to do with each one on the right.
Once abbreviated, most recipes will fit on the front of a 4×6 card.
Longer recipes are usually too complicated for me.
I write notes right on the card while using it; making it easy 
to adjust the recipe to our taste and reprint it on a new card.
This one called for too much red pepper.
I found this mini planter at Michaels to hold my 4×6 recipe collection.
If at least three of my four kids like a recipe, 
I give it a star for each and it goes into my box.  
If fewer than three want me to ever make it again,
it goes into the trash.. unless I really like it.
A few months ago I made this menu planner out of a 
14.5″ x 24″ frame that I found on sale for $10 at Michaels..
I used scrapbook paper in my favorite colors to define each section.
There’s space for six 4×6 recipe cards in the top half. 
Keeping these visible helps keep me inspired.
I’d seen many ideas on how to hang recipe cards;
on a string with clothes pins, in pockets, on cork board…
I like magnets and decided to attach 
washers to the glass to attract the magnets.
Learn from my mistake and don’t use hot glue ..
Many burnt fingers later and.. it peels right off the glass.
Double stick tape does the trick.
I decided week day magnets would be a set-up for failure,
and made vegetable themed bottle cap magnets instead.
The bottom half of the frame holds a list of 
 easy meals that I made years ago to help me stay
out of the rut of making the same thing every week
And this shopping list..
I had hoped framing these would inspire the kids to 
mark their wish lists on it..  so far they haven’t. 
Occasionally they’ll call out, “Mom we’re out of ____”
And I’ll tell them to add it to the “list”.
Dry erase marker wipes right off the glass.
On “Shopping Day”, I print out a new shopping list,
and one or two new recipes from my “Recipes to Try” computer file.
Then I mark my list as I go through my recipes, 
check my menu planner/list, fridge, and cupbords.
It’s working pretty well.  We’ve tried a bunch more new recipes
since making the menu board.  Even Judi has gotten on line
and helped me find new recipes to try.

Despising Striving

Homeschooling is a lot like being self employed.  You have to keep yourself motivated, 
set your own schedule, decide what tools are the best for your situation, manage a budget, 
manage and motivate your “employees,” evaluate your results, and make changes accordingly.
The thing is, I am not self employed.  I have an invisible Head Master, Who is intently 
interested in what my kids are learning and doing and is sometimes,
for me, hard to hear through the noise of life. 
Having a type “A” personality I often don’t want to wait on Him, but want to 
get things done now.  Many years, I impatiently struck out on my own with my own plan 
and fell flat on my face.  The kids wouldn’t cooperate.  The curriculum I bought stunk.  
We were all miserable. 
So after many years of this, about 9 years ago, I learned to put a lot of prayer 
into the following year.  Usually starting about this time of year, I start praying 
while spring cleaning, washing dishes, folding clothes, gardening…  
Then I pray some more, and some more; sometimes I get answers 
and sometimes, I loose patience and try on my own again and fall flat on my face AGAIN.
So, through all this, I’ve learned to DESPISE striving.  
When I start, I get this uncomfortable feeling.  I want to stop.  
Sometimes, I do stop and pray.  Sometimes, I still don’t know what to do.
These verses about going on in our faith apply to everything we do from intersession,
to homeschooling, to parenting, to being a wife, or a just a good friend; to EVERYTHING.
Philippians 2:13 [Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is 
all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], 
both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight. 
Philippians 1:6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you 
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
Galatians 3
Trust in Christ, Not the Law
 1 You crazy Galatians! Did someone put a hex on you? Have you taken leave of your senses?
Something crazy has happened, for it’s obvious that you no longer have 
the crucified Jesus in clear focus in your lives. 
His sacrifice on the cross was certainly set before you clearly enough.
 2-4 Let me put this question to you: How did your new life begin? 
Was it by working your heads off to please God? Or was it by responding 
to God’s Message to you? Are you going to continue this craziness? 
For only crazy people would think they could complete by their own efforts 
what was begun by God. If you weren’t smart enough or strong enough to begin it, 
how do you suppose you could perfect it? 
Did you go through this whole painful learning process for nothing? 
It is not yet a total loss, but it certainly will be if you keep this up!

I love this last one in the Message.  

We have to keep Jesus in clear focus in our lives.. 
focusing on our own efforts is craziness!  
Did I go through this whole painful learning process for nothing?
Lord, deliver me from craziness,


I did a little dance in Walmart the other day when I found this deodorant.  
I think it’s “corn free” and it seems to be working!  
The last several years I’ve been using an aluminum free 
“salt crystal” that didn’t leave me smelling oh, so pleasant.
So looking forward to not smelling this summer.
I also bought some Borax (also corn free)
and looked up some of it’s uses
I found even more uses in other places and turned them in to a page for my 
laundry room door.. Can’t wait to try it in my toilet bowl and dishwasher.
I made you a PDF of it to print 
Last year this sun screen worked for me.. 
I bought it after having a bad reaction to my favorite sun block.
This year I turned pale and had a headache with in minutes of putting it on.
So glad I found a bathroom.  Time to find or make a new one.

Calendars and Refrigerators

I think I finally made a Birthday/Anniversary calendar that will work for me.
The calendars in the computer and drawer just weren’t.
Out of sight; out of mind.
I made this one with photo shop to make it easy to go in and add a birthday when I need to.
I put “Lindsey Girl” on May 10.  😀  I am so excited about sending Judi to help.
I’ll be just as happy to have a nephew.. but I am praying for a niece.
See it on my fridge?
I printed them on card stock hoping they will last a long time.
I included family birthdays, anniversaries and a few of some close friends.
Now I can see their names and remember to pray for them all month..
and maybe even remember to send them a card.  🙂
Leslie gave me this magnetic, dry-erase calendar.
I started using it, so the kids can see what’s coming up.
They keep asking me how long it is until the family reunion.
I posted our “Departure Times” on the top portion.  It’s a life saver.
I was having the hardest time remembering when what was.
Not a problem when you live in one place forever, but when you move it can be confusing.
At first, just knowing how long it took us to get places was confusing.
Now it’s all figured in and I don’t have to remember… just look up.
I wrote Josh’s school hours in purple, so I can know from semester 
to semester when I can cook for him.
I especially like that with this calendar each week is separate.
When one week is over, I erase it and move it to the bottom.. 
It’s nicer than erasing and starting over with a whole month.  
The front of my fridge is mostly for my shopping list.  
I taped magnets around my pen, so it’s always handy.
I put this “left over” chart on the left side of the fridge.  
Inside is a table that tells you how long you can keep each kind of food in a fridge. 
I put the general rule of thumb in large print on the outside to help the kids
remember that they need to eat up stuff fast.
Below it is a magnetic 4×6 picture holder.  
I started going though all my recipes and re-writing them 
so they were easier to read, and print on to a 4×6 card.
The bulk of my recipes are now in a zip lock bag in my drawer.
I threw out tons of them.. and only kept the ones I make on a regular basis.
On shopping day I flip through them, and put aside the ones I am interested in making.
Then I make my grocery list from the recipes, 
and put the recipes for that week in the sleeve on the fridge.
Each kid gets a star for each recipe.  
If the recipe makes less than 3 stars 
(meaning more than one kid didn’t like it), I am throwing it out.
One great thing is that I can easily make notes on the recipe for future reference. 
Once I get them tweaked, I hope to pretty them up a bit and 
print them for future daughter-in-loves. 
When I am actually cooking, I stick the recipes on the microwave above my stove.  
It’s next to the sink, frying pan, measuring cups etc.  
I love that it’s at eye level, yet not in the way and not getting dirty.
I organized the INSIDE of my fridge last week and LABLED every shelf.
It made me so HAPPY.  I used a plastic container to hold all our shredded cheese.
I have one shelf for left overs now.. instead of left overs hiding on every shelf.
I made a shelf for ketchup and BBQ sauce and a different one for salad dressing and mayo.
The kids are doing a pretty good job of putting things back and 
I think more left overs are getting eaten.  YAY! 

Organizing School and Chores

After 18 years of homeschooling, and 22 years of parenting, 
you would think that I would have the chores and school thing down.
Parts of it I do.. but each house has different needs
and allows you to work in only certain ways,
and as the kids are nearing graduation from homeschooling
and starting college and work outside the home
I have to keep re-organizing schedules so they will work well.
When my kids were really young, before most people had
computers and internet, before Fly Lady existed,
I borrowed a book they wrote called 
“Sidetracked Home Executives: From Pigpen to Paradise” from the library.
They suggested that you put together recipe box full of 3×5 cards
with a chore on each card.  Each time you finished a chore
you went back to your box and moved to the next card.  
It worked great.. for 3 months.  I guess life happened after that.
I tried variations of the box idea several times; gave each of the  kids a box 
with chores and school work for them to do.  I saw this one idea where you 
have your kids wear their chore cards so they can’t loose them.
I think Fly Lady did something similar called “Hipster.” (fanny pack?)
That might have worked better for me than a box. 
I hated having to go back to the box in the kitchen before doing my next chore.
Later we chose to use binders over boxes.  None of it ever worked very well.  
I think partly because the binders and/or boxes were not accessible enough for me 
and I am sure I am lacking in skills in motivating, enforcing and policing 
especially when moving and life keep happening.
A few years back I found this subject chart based on Charlotte Mason’s 
program of study.  Hanging it up on the kitchen wall worked well for us.
It was all I needed to keep us focused.
I always had all the kids up by 6:45-7 AM for family devotions, 
then shortly after we started a list of subjects in a certain order 
with chores in between and a lunch break in the middle.
All the books we needed for each subject were kept on a shelf
and/or a tote near where we did school and we just got the 
next book down when we put away the one we’d finished.
We did/do as many subjects together as a family as we can; 
such as art, science, history, Spanish, and music appreciation.
Then we do the rest individually.
If one of the kids needed help with a subject and
I was busy helping someone else, they were to work on their chore list.
I called chores breaks from school work.  They resented it,
but physical work is a nice break from mental work.
That list evolved into this one.. It’s a little more detailed and gave us a little more structure.  
Some subjects worked better in the morning and others after lunch.  
We’ve always thrived on a routine vs. a strict do math from 8 AM – 8:30 AM 
schedule, so having a “Flow List” was great.
The subjects in bold were the most important ones to get done,
so if we had a field trip that day or some other interruption we focused on those.
Everything always worked out by the end of the year.
This poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins on giving glory to God
 inspired me to use a Kingfisher to adorn our list.
As kingfishers catch fire, dragonflies dráw fláme; 
As tumbled over rim in roundy wells 
Stones ring; like each tucked string tells, each hung bell’s 
Bow swung finds tongue to fling out broad its name; 
Each mortal thing does one thing and the same: 
Deals out that being indoors each one dwells; 
Selves–goes itself; myself it speaks and spells, 
Crying Whát I do is me: for that I came. 
Í say móre: the just man justices; 
Kéeps gráce: thát keeps all his goings graces; 
Acts in God’s eye what in God’s eye he is–
Chríst–for Christ plays in ten thousand places, 
Lovely in limbs, and lovely in eyes not his 
To the Father through the features of men’s faces. 
Since moving to our new house I’ve been having the hardest time keeping 
up with who’s supposed to be doing what chore.. and keep finding jobs undone.
Some of them traded chores and I think living in the apartment spoiled them.
I don’t have as much wall space in this kitchen as I have before, 
so I decided to try an idea I saw of using a picture frame as a chore/dry-erase
 board and put all our chores and school work in one frame.  
It’s centrally located and there will be no more arguments on who
was supposed to do what and I can highlight things that are needing special attention.

I hung up this plate to use as place to write inspirational quotes.
It works like a dry-erase board, too.

Finding the Moving Puzzle Pieces

I love the feeling of being organized.  
When house is cluttered, 
my head.. and even my heart feels cluttered.
A couple of months ago I started getting frustrated, 
because although I am completely unpacked,
 I keep needing things I don’t know where to find in my new house.
Mike was really sweet and said, “Don’t feel bad we’ve only lived here 9 months.”
I know where they were in my house in Montgomery.  
I know where they would be in our house in Florida.
But you wouldn’t believe how much time I’ve spent searching for things here.
My puzzle pieces are still a mess.
During the move to Montgomery, I got rid of a ton of stuff.
10 van loads to Good Will, and 10 to the dump, then boxes and boxes of books.
Our house in Montgomery was smaller than our houses in Florida and San Antonio.
Stuff had to go, and the kids were getting older and have out grown a lot of stuff.
So when we were in Montgomery, I’d have to try to remember if or not the thing 
I wanted was something I had given away or kept, but the stuff I had kept was pretty easy to find.
I still have a little trouble with remembering if or not kept the thing, 
but most of the time I know it’s here somewhere.
I am thinking if I had less stuff that it wouldn’t take so long to find the one thing.
I am planing to go through my book collection again at the end of this year.
By then, I should have only one left in homeschool.  🙂
One of my most cluttered spots is in my computer files.  
Years and years of homeschooling on a budget.. lots of free stuff on the internet.
I’ve been working for a couple of weeks now on cleaning them up.
Hitting that trash button is painful, 
but I know my cluttered brain will be grateful one day.
It’s not quite as satisfying as decluttering the house,
because there’s no one to admire all my work.

Camping Part 1: Packing the Van

Once upon a time, when we lived in Texas, we went camping quite often.
We had a full sized van and families from church who camped with us
and we had a wonderful time.. especially at Mo Ranch.. 
where I’d like my ashes spread one day far in the future after I’ve had many grand children.
Then we got a Kia and moved to FL, where “The mosquitoes will pick you up and carry you away.”
We only camped there 3 times.  The first time was almost our last 
thanks to the mosquitoes who lived in the near by swamp.  
Our last camping trip it rained, and rained, and rained, and finally at 2 AM we 
were going crazy from the little drips of water raining in our “weather proof” tent 
and we packed up all our drenched stuff by flashlight and went home to sleep in our dry beds.  
Now we live in Alabama the beautiful.. and it’s easy to find beautiful camping spots..
but my wonderful, dear, husband has become accustomed to the air conditioning
and we’ve both sworn never to camp in the rain again.. we are getting picky in our old age.
Ever since we moved here I’ve been dying to go tubing in Helen, GA.  
The chance of rain diminished, so we decided to try camping again.  
One of Mike’s dislikes about camping is all the packing and meal planing that’s involved.
This baffles me because I am the one that does it all and I never complain.
I think the family time we get is worth it.
One thing that has always helped make it easier is that I made this list years ago.
I always print off a new one and cross off stuff as I get it packed.
It has EVERYTHING on it.  
I lists for staying in a cabin and visiting family, too.
You can tell that the one above was pretty old by some of the things on it like film 
and a rod (for spankings).  It used to have sippy cups, too.
I decided it was time to up date it again:
I was inspired by a photo blog talking about taking pictures of your packed car.. so here they are:
We got this luggage tail gate thingy at a neighbor’s garage sale for a 
fraction of what it was worth.. it can cary bikes too.
It’s a life saver.. as you will see the inside of the car soon.
I tried to think of things that were weather and dirt resistant to put out on it.
I wrapped our camp chairs in the foam mats the kids sleep on 
and then our box of cereal and chips out there, too.
I tie it down SUPER well with a bungee net and close line.  
We’ve used it on several trips and moves
 and no one has ever stolen anything off of it.  Thank you, Jesus.
Here’s the back of the car.. full to the brim.  I put the kids’ sleeping bags in pillow cases this time.
They are pretty old and don’t have the strings that keep them rolled up any more.
We took out the seat behind the passenger seat because it’s broken and to make more room.
Josh had class and couldn’t come with us.  🙁 
Flash lights, more lights, extension cord for the lights, hammer and mallet for the tent stakes.
The red Dirt Devil vacuum is for blowing up our air mattress.
Sun Chips from Costco, a grill, and in the blue tub more food, paper towels, plates, lighters and stuff.
I like to hang my clothes.  Judi’s put in her back pack and purse so far.
Here are my lovely knees, my bag of books, 
my backpack has my blow dryer and other stuff for when we hit the showers, and my purse.
Not much room left for feet.
Joel’s ready to go.  He actually has the most room in the car when Josh’s seat is out.
James is sitting up his ipod charger.  
It’s covered in electrical tape because he did something to modify it.

Mike’s setting up the Nuvi.  I get the first driving shift.
Judi’s in and ready to go.. she and Joel are having gogurt and grape juice for breakfast. 
And we are off..

Family “JOYS”

I’ve been working on our chore chart.  I make a new one just about every year.  Anytime we move to a new house, we usually REALLY need a new one; new house; new era; new needs.

I switched a few chores around this time hoping to cut down the “I can’t do my chores, because someone else hasn’t done theirs.” syndrome.  Think it will work?  More than anything the charts are for me to define AND remember who’s supposed to do what.  When we don’t have a chart that balances out the chores, no one can agree who’s supposed to do half the chores, and I end up doing them.

I printed it out on light blue card stock and slipped it into a page protector.  It hangs on our fridge next to our school schedule.
I always date the charts and keep them in the computer, so I can compare from year to year who had what job.  Years ago, I’d planned to rotate jobs quarterly between the kids, but it’s turned out to be SO much easier to let the kid who’s really good at their job keep it, so Joel may never learn how to wash dishes etc.  My apologies to all their future spouses.  I do occasionally have training sessions where I gather everyone in one place and show them how a chore is done.

JOYS in “Family JOYS” stands for Joyful, Obedient, Youthful, Service.  It came from an article I read by Terri Camp about teaching your kids to see chores as an opportunity to serve.  Over the years, I’ve learned to love doing house work.  I see it as blessing those who live in and visit our home and I love that I can use the time to pray.

My “kids” (young adults) have pretty good attitudes about chores and are a BLESSING..  our main struggle is getting them done in a timely manner.  Our goal is to have the weekly chores done by Thursday at 4PM so that on Friday everything feels fresh and ready for a relaxed weekend.

If we continue to struggle with getting things done on the list, I might try making one like this:

I like it because it’s easy to see who needs to do what at glance.. without taking a lot of space.  I don’t like that it requires everyone to constantly rearrange sticks, and I am not sure if moving sticks will cut down on the number of times I’ll have to verbally remind them to do their chores.  What do you think?

I’ve charged fees for unfinished chores before.. and/or added chores to their lists.  “If you can’t do your chores on time and without complaining, you must need more practice doing chores.”  Now that they are all young adults, I don’t really say things like that anymore.  They seem to know that chores are a part of life, and don’t complain unless they think it’s someone else’s job.. and even then, they are willing to do it for me if I ask on occasion.  I did show them and threaten to make the chart with the sticks if they continue to need reminders.  Beyond that I am not sure what to do.  Take away computer privileges?

Next the new school schedule..


Closet Organization Projects

I rarely wear any of my jewelry.. 
Mostly because I am too lazy to pull it out from my drawer.  
I saw some jewelry boards when we were in TN last 
and I thought ‘what a wonderful idea’..  
I had a mini bulletin board that I wasn’t using..
Looked in my fabric/linnen closet.. 
I am so happy to have it all out where I can see it and not in boxes anymore.
Found this stained dresser cloth..
Put them together… and added some push pins and jewelry
Doesn’t she seem to be saying, .. “Don’t forget your jewelry.”
It’s so accessible now.

I found some extra space behind my closet door while I was there.
When I found the idea of hanging a packed toiletry bag in my closet
 on “Organize Your Stuff Now”, I was very excited.
I used keep this bag under my sink.. 
It was very messy and unorganized under there and I had
to sit on the floor to dig it out.
Taking it out and packing it.. made room for me to organize 
the rest of the stuff under my sink.. 
Leeanne suggests buying travel sized bottles of the stuff you use 
then refilling them with your large bottles when they get low.  
I do that but I also collect trail sized bottles from our hotel rooms.
With a family of 6 you can use a bunch in a few days.
The toothpaste and floss samples we save from dentist visits.
I take new toothbrushes with us.. just incase someone forgets theirs.
All I have to do when we go on a trip is grab my makeup etc. from my drawer.
I bought this over the door hanger at the same time I bought 
the popup hanger thing for the laundry room.
I didn’t need it in our new laundry room so I am using it to hang 
my extra purses and a straw garden hat from Thailand.
Thanks for taking my closet tour..
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