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Princess J, a friend from church and I went to the Alabama Archives and History to hear Kathryn Tucker Windham speak.  She just celebrated her 90th birthday a couple of weeks ago.  She was a great storyteller/speaker.  Very comfortable in front of an audience.  The auditorium was packed, but our friend, Martha, miraculously  found us a seat on the second row.  Thanks, Martha!
One of her stories was about a man whose wife ran away with a traveling sales man.  He put up wanted posters offering $100 for the return of his wife.  The posters included a photograph, her age, weight and color of her eyes and hair.  A couple of weeks later she came home fuming because the posters said she weighed 20 lbs. more than she actually did.  She made him pay her the $100 reward money.  
Her book is probably great fun.


  1. Elayne

    Sounds like a very special lady…would have liked to go with you!

  2. Camezi

    I think I would come home to collect, too. That’s just mean.

  3. Wendy

    I liked the story, too.

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