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GA Six Flags with FL Friends

The Hendleys met us at our favorite hotel in Atlanta Friday night.

We were all thrilled to see each other.  
Princess P is starting high school next year.

Little P is eating like there is no tomorrow and growing like a weed.  

J is officially a teenager now and sounds like one, too.

First order of business at Six Flags was to ride Goliath.  

We got there early while the lines were still short.
I discovered that first thing in the morning it’s 
more thrilling that I’d remembered.
On to Gotham and the Bat mobile.
P got to visit his super hero friends.
My sweetie.
J giving J a stern warning before the ride. 
Surprise!  I have a flash!
Mike and I, the old fogies, sat out a bunch of rides.  I am glad we are growing old together and that I have someone to sit with me while the kiddies ride.  
Wooden rides, bumpy or jerky rides, and rides that make you dizzy 
are all on our list to avoid. 
 I think we like more rides in SA than in GA.  
It may be that we’re 5 years older now and like fewer than we remember. 
After that last photo, we ate lunch and it warmed up quite a bit.  
We didn’t last much longer.  Tammy got over heated and there 
weren’t enough air conditioned shows or shops there to keep us cool, 
so we headed for the mall to find dinner.  
We had a nice time talking and eating at the food court.  
We sure miss our old buddies.  
They left from there to East GA where Darrel’s brother lives and 
where they recently bought some property and an 100 year old house 
that they are completely redoing.  They are spending this week 
getting started on their big family project.  
We can’t wait till their done and get ready to move several hours closer.  
We’ll have to find more things to do together in Alanta.  


  1. Wendy

    That looks like fun. I have a feeling that by the time our kids get old enough to do that kind of thing, Chris and I are going to be WAY too old. It’ll be more than us just sitting on a bench. We’ll be walking around with our walkers.

  2. Elayne

    glad you got to see your friends! That is a great photo of Mike. You should have an enlargement made.

  3. Camezi

    you sure do get to take a lot of trips!

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